Retreating myself well

I have the doors, but I haven’t written about the doors, so I’ll write about them for Thursday Doors for next week. I’z all curfubbled (NOT A WORD UNTIL NOW!) today since today began with me, in a half-sleepy stupor, wondering if it was a day I had to go to work. I came to consciousness just enough to mutter Expletive….. it’s only Thursday…. This week has been jammed packed with enough week to have it be over already; alas, there’s one more day to go. To get myself through, I’ve spent this afternoon looking forward, and I came up with a new thing I’m gonna do, just for me.

See, I spend money on taxes and gas and the requirements of adulting. I spend an inordinate amount of time, a far more precious commodity, doing this or that for him, her, and the others. I’ve carved out me / introvert recharging time for meself, but haven’t been able to so with regularity. I decided that needed to change this afternoon.


Artist interpretation of my future writing desk if I took a wee trip circa a long time ago (Thanks, Pixabay, for the pic!)

I have booked myself a room at a lovely hotel for a night upcoming, in a room with a fireplace and a writing desk and a super comfy looking bed.

I will take my laptop and my notebook and pen. I will write. I will pack my sneakers and my actual DSLR camera. I will walk and snap pics (DOORS!).

As I do when I travel anywhere, I made a lil’ book — Tara’s Guide to (Town Name) — this afternoon (I like knowing where I’m going). It includes a few restaurants I spied on the Internets and a local spot or two I may want to check out if I decide to do something other than sleep or write.

If it rains or snows, I’ll don a cute poncho and/or boots, or just stay put and write more, or read. THIS LIL’ RETREAT IS HAPPENING, NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER. And, EXECUTIVE DECISION — this is just the first one of this new year. There. Will. Be. More. I shall re-treat myself to this semi-regularly (I’m still toying with monthly versus bi-monthly, day trips with no overnight stays versus always staying somewhere, even if it’s close).

~ If I can do all the things I’m supposed to do, I shall reward myself by doing more of all the things I WANT to do waaaayyyyyyyyyyy more often than I have. ~

Ah, some time away, with Muse (if she shows) and the most pleasant company of all (that’s me). Shall I send myself a postcard? … Having a great time. So glad you’re here.


  1. I think that is a PERFECT idea!
    I have been promising myself a regular getaway and still have yet to do so – since September 2016, otherwise known as since forever.
    I have stopped depriving myself of shows and movies and whatnot if I don’t have a date. I have actually begun purchasing one ticket for whatever. Sometimes, I’ll ask a friend if he/she wants to join me but if they don’t answer quickly enough, I wait no more. I get myself out the door and go and enjoy that thing I truly wanted to do. Gone are the days where I sit at home fuming that I am missing something because I was afraid to go it alone. How foolish is that?

    So, do enjoy. Read, write, click away, eat, sleep, visit. Do it! 😉

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    1. Glad you agree, Ms. Dale. Thanks! I did the same thing you did back in the day (once alone). But it gets easier to go to movies, shows, etc., by yourself the more you do it. I’m still doing it even though there are peeps in my world that weren’t there before. I just bought a ticket to see a comedian I really like because I don’t know anyone else who does. It’ll be like she and I are having a lil’ conversation… well, me, and the 3,000+ other people there. 🙂
      Glad you’re doing what you want to do, even if you have to do it alone! Traveling further by myself is my goal. I’m inspired by a recent trip you took to Woodstock as well. 🙂

      There are a lot of 🙂 in this comment! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. Absolutely! No more missing out on stuff I wanna see. I went to see Mozart’s Requiem in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Old Montreal. Never even bothered asking anyone to join me – plus, you get better seats when you’re alone 😉
        Though I was not alone for Woodstock, I was for Italy – the second half. First half was with a group, though by myself… it broke the ice and after that was smooth sailing!

        Yes… It;s a 😉 kinda comment 😉

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        1. Better seats — tis true! Plus I can sit anywhere I want without having to take others into account. YAY!

          I know you weren’t alone once you got there, but did you get there alone? That’s a long drive by yourself. Goals!


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          1. Exactly! I like to sit in the back row at the movies… not too close to the stage (though at last nigh’t play we were in row 10, I would have preferred 5 or 6 but was fine…

            I drove there by myself. And then in November to Brooklyn as well 😉 I have no problem with driving long distances. Visited some friends in London, Ontario by myself once… 8+ hour drive.

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  2. Tara,

    Being good to yourself should always come first. Having some fine company is as good as it gets, almost. But being fine with the company of yourself is the Zen capture most people never get.

    So when society stamps the same old expectations to every individual, send yourself a postcard!

    Because ya can.

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