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Sunday Song: Hot Harmonies

I’m a musical gal, from my wee days taking piano and drum lessons, to my current stint in a community choir. Listening to music is what going to church is for some, so I celebrate with Sunday Song. Each week, I post a song that’s been my earworm for the week or something that reflects what’s happening in my world along with a wee story why.

This past Thursday was the coldest day of the year, and the coldest that date has ever been. That meant even I had to bundle up and I generally don’t do that. For me, this meant actually buttoning my coat, wearing the thicker gloves that aren’t just adorable, and donning a hat on me noggin. I’m not a hat person. Hats look really good on some people and I don’t believe I’m one of them. I’m not Blossom.

But I wore a hat. THAT’S how cold it was.

I bought this particular hat because its top is a pom pom that may be bigger than my head. If hat-wearing is required, the hat must be cute. Once in the car, I felt something on the top of my head. I moved and felt it again. Upon peeking into the rearview, I saw my pom pom brushing against the inside roof of my car. Yes, my car is small, but my head is not that huge. The pom pom can apparently be seen from outer space.

After working a bit, twas time to venture back out. With my gloves on, I picked up my keys. Something… is… stuck? … … … What the… … … Not an individual one, but a teeny BOX of paper clips was STUCK TO THE MAGNET IN MY GLOVE. Note: my super warm gloves have mitten tops that flip and stick to the back of the glove, via a magnet (obvs). That exposes half-covered fingers/naked fingertips to allow for texting (apparently, but I only use that feature to scratch an itch and to pick up something I can’t with mitten-topped hands). As I removed the box, paper clips jumped out and stuck themselves to BOTH gloves. I stopped the madness the only way I could: I took the gloves off, removed all the clips, then put them on again.

Once back in the car, I sat slouched a bit in my driver’s seat (the pom pom needed proper clearance). When I turned the radio on, I heard a happy summery song by an old band. The DJ plays blocks of songs around a theme or for artists birthdays… then, panic! I said, out loud, “Oh.Em.Gee. I hope one of them didn’t die.”

Because it was sooooooo cold outside, Mr. DJ said he was spinning tunes about summer/heat. I breathed a sigh of relief, which totes fogged my window for a wee bit, then just kept singing background oooooooooooos to this classic tune.

Many grumbled ’bout the vortex and its cold, but I always find reasons to laugh and smile. I hope you, too, enjoy this happy summery tune and let it warm your days and/or your heart. Everybody: Awwwwwwwwwww.

Sunday Song is a new series here at (check out all we do here). I post a song that’s been my earworm for the week or something that reflects what’s happening in my world. (Feel free to join in by posting in the comments — thoughts about my video/what it means to you, a video you’re enjoying this week, etc.)

This post is also part of Trent’s Weekly Smileย linkup. Check it out!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

20 thoughts on “Sunday Song: Hot Harmonies

  1. No, no, no. You cannot go on and on about the Huge PomPom hat and magnetic mitts and NOT show us a pic… what the hell is up with that? Unacceptable, Tara.

    Thanks for the wamin’ tune ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Ya know, I thought that when I realized my head was basically hitting the inside roof of the car. Twas the a.m., though, and I’m not a morning person. I also thought of that when the paper clips were stuck to my gloves, but it was lunchtime and I had to make my work escape before someone asked me a question or to do something else! I agree. Unacceptable. Next time, I’ll make sure to get pics.

      You’re welcome!

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      1. Excuses excuses… You can always take a pic of your sweet self later in the day – we don’t have to know that it’s not, yanno, exactly at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

        And I am totes razzing you.

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            1. It’s 50 degrees! I can’t wear my pom pom hat today. I’ll melt! Better hope for another Polar Vortex to hit my region — that’s the only reason I wore so much winter gear! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I get to colder Montreal, to see it live and in person!

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  2. I want a winter hat with a pom-pom on it. One that can be seen from outer space, of course.

    I saw the Beach Boys in concert once. It was after a professional baseball game. The home team won the game. Then the BB rocked and we rolled. It was a fun day.

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    1. I have three, only two of which have outer space-ish pom pom. I don’t know why I bought more than one — I don’t wear much winter gear unless it’s really REALLY cold. I’m a sucker for adorable accessories, I guess.

      That sounds like a fun day! I saw them once, too — they played the Philadelphia Independence Day concert on the Parkway in the 80s. I’m not a fan of crowds (hundreds of thousands), but my dad really wanted to see them and so we all went!

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  3. With the pom-pom that can be seen from outerspace and paperclips stuck to your gloves, I’m sure you made some type of statement about the polar vortex, its just that nobody knows what it is… Funny thing, a friend of mine had pictures of surfing this week! Yes, people are still Surfing USA in the cold! On the east coast, the best waves are always in the winter…


  4. Love your hat. I just got one too but it does not have pompoms on it. It is black and I’m thinking I need one a little lighter for the spring because I intend to make hats a thing again. California Girl is my fave BB song but this one is good too.


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