When contemplating change, in addition to traditional INFJ (over)analyzing, I pay attention to the world around me, which I believe sends me signs. I don’t go looking for signs — that defeats the purpose. But if something comes my way, and I see / hear / experience it, and it makes my brain go, “Look! A SIGN!” then I take notice. I contemplate then what the sign may be trying to tell me and where it fits into the contemplating process.

This morning, as I’m again contemplating change I’ve been thinking ’bout making whilst trying to refrain from too much INFJ (over)analyzing (at which I’m being fairly successful!) — change that would bring an ending (and then a new beginning, obvs) — I believe I received a sign.

I backed into my favorite parking space in the work parking lot. I put the car in park. I reached up with the intention to turn off the heat, which requires the turning of a dial. I instead watched my hand reach about 8 inches higher than it should and punch the radio button on with my index finger. I heard this song, beginning after the synth solo / bridge, right before she starts emphatically singing the chorus again:


I sat in the car, looking at the door of the building across the way, and started singing with her, at a fairly loud volume considering it was 8:55 a.m.

I shall add this to my nonscientific review process and decide what it ALL means (although I think it’s pretty damn clear).


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