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Tuesday with Tara

When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. So that’s what I’m doing. Well, I’m blogging, which is NOT nothing, but as far was what I’m thinking about doing, I’m doing nothing.

Is anybody else dizzy from that now, too?

*grabs onto the chair to steady myself* Sorry. There are a few things afoot in my world that I need to figure out the order in which I need to handle / do / change. Since I can’t do it all at once, and in fact I need to not think even to give my mind time to work on the issues, I won’t do anything until the mind snaps back and says, “Um, OK, I did some calculating and DO THIS.” PLUS! Mind has to decide what really needs to change versus what’s actually just one of those pesky annoyances in life (of which there appear to be many, often which come in the shape of FAMILY and WORK, but I digress).

Usually, the revelation comes when I least expect it — in the shower, in a dream, upon waking first thing in the a.m. But that’s ONLY if I put it down and don’t INFJ-overanalyze it.

So… Let’s talk about things that can be considered pointless knowledge for your brain.

So many Just Jot It Januarians participated in my prompt/day yesterday! I’ve read some and will continue to read the rest (as pesky work allows, of course). I’m enjoying reading them. Now, to find more time to participate more in this fun blog activity! Wait, since I’m writing about my brain, that’s about myself, and that fits today’s prompt of Self (from Ritu)! Woot!

Speaking of blog stuffs, I spent an inordinate amount of time — that flew by as I was having fun — updating header photos, changing background and other colors, etc., on my not one, not two, but three blogs and Twitter accounts. I love playing around with that stuff! Of course, maybe someday, all my alter egos will just have the one site… but what fun would that be?

I’m not quite THIS comfy, but close.

At this very moment, I’m wearing my rainbow scarf whilst sitting at my desk. I’m near a door that lets in the cold and under a vaulted ceiling. This girl, who’s usually not one of those cold people, is a cold person, only at work. Grumble. I’m also wearing a warm, oversized hunter green sweatshirt that says VERMONT in REALLY BIG GOLD LETTERS. My professional-looking official sweater nearby simply isn’t warm enough, but I have it here in case The People from Out There interrupt my so-far mostly The People-less day. I will neither confirm nor deny that, underneath said sweatshirt I am wearing my super comfy grey STAR TREK T-shirt (not my professional shirt) and the super soft, worn-to-a-thread almost-pajama-like pants that look work-like. When one has to deal with unexpected breezes, and annoying The People, and one can practically wear pajamas and get away with it, I, along with Jean-Luc Picard say MAKE IT SO.

I fell asleep Monday night between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. and was awakened only by a coughing fit at 5:45. After that ended, I gained another hour of sleep before the quiet beep beep beep of my lavender clock told me what I already knew — twas time to get up. I used my teeny clock’s tiny alarm because I decided last night, related to the aforementioned decisions I have to let my mind ponder without my interference, to turn off my cell phone. Twas glorious. I may start doing this all the time. I’m not one to always have the damn thing in my hands, but the bings and rings can happen at any time, and for the stupidest of reasons, and that needs to end. I used to have the phone turned to DO NOT DISTURB from 9 p.m. to 9:15 a.m., but I’m really liking the idea of do not disturb… ever, i.e. turning it off for long periods. Something else for mind to ponder.

I have snack packs of Goldfish in my drawer. Anybody want some? I also have applesauce and Frosted Flakes cups. I’m not sure I’ll recommend eating them all at the same time.

Speaking of time, I should wrap this up and start looking forward to the clock striking 5. I’ll scurry home and do all kinds of non-work-related things. At least I won’t have to change into my comfy clothes. What a time-saver!


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15 thoughts on “Tuesday with Tara

  1. Yay to working in comfy clothes. You are brave to turn off your phone at night. I leave mine on in case the kids…but I don’t allow any notifications. I keep those off all the time. The only notification I get is if someone buys something from my Etsy site and that one I don’t mind hearing!

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    1. I agree. But now I’m wondering if I can get the Wonder Woman Underoos I had as a kid in an adult size… If not, then at least the bracelets, even if they clash with my PJ look.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Business casual … amiright??!? 🙂 I wore sweat pants to work once when I knew I was going to be solo. I could not get comfortable since I was too comfortable. I was so sure someone would “pop in” unexpectedly and catch me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right!! I wore shorts every day when my previous boss was away in August. I was really just minding the store in case anything came up that needed attention and answering the phone.

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