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January Joy

The long lines everywhere have shortened and/or disappeared. The traffic’s back to normal and is even lighter than usual some mornings and evenings. It’s 2019 and everything’s getting back to the way it should be, without holiday hubbub (and The Sickness, which has finally ended). January is one of the most…. wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiimes…. of the year!

I love Winter.

The light in January is my favorite. Summer’s all yellow and burning like the surface of the sun. January / Winter light is white, even without snow to bounce off. There’s nothing I enjoy more this time of year than heading out for a sunset drive to see it (in a couple of weeks, when sunset is actually completely after my end-of-work time).

In the meantime, I look forward to another light: the flickering of my TV as shows I enjoy return. There’s This Is Us, Manifest (a new one that I recently binged nine episodes of), and True Detective. I’m eager to see if season three of True Detective is as good as season 1 and not as bad as the Dumpster fire that was season 2.

I also look forward to another drive: winding my way through the country to get to choir rehearsal. It’s been a month since our last meeting, a successful concert, and a visit to a senior living facility. Of course, with The Sickness, I couldn’t sing at all for two weeks then only in my lower register (my higher register made me cough) for another week, then not through a whole song for the last week. Finally, I can sing again and am looking forward to singing with the group.

AND! If all that weren’t enough, there are new calendars to fill in and plans to make. I love this time of year, when everything seems shiny and new (this also happens to me in September as I still seem to think of that month as the beginning of a new year thanks to loving school so much). Whatever will I fill the little boxes with? I have ideas, people, and will have fun figuring it out. The one activity I know will be written in many of the boxes is introvert, meaning I hide away and avoid The People as much as possible in order to refill my well and fend off things like The Sickness. I will do more, since introvert was in several boxes in December and I still got sick. Time to up my introverting game.

And time to get back to blogging more. I finally feel like it! I’ve watched movies and shows, I’ve read books and magazines, I’ve seen and done things that can be shared. And I feel like sharing again! YAY!

Happy 2019. Happy weekend. Happy day!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

47 thoughts on “January Joy

  1. Introvert here too. I kind of like the bluish look to winter. Binge watching The Crown on Netflix to be followed by Grace and Frankie while my hubby is out of town. Glad the sickness is gone and you can sing again!

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  2. T-Siz,

    It’s funny but I’ve become quite the extrovert as I’ve gotten older. And yet, I do so enjoy the introvert in me who just likes to, well . . just be.

    I’ll be checking out True Detective as well, fingers crossed.

    Here’s to balance.


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    1. I can extrovert when needed, but then I require introvert time to replenish. The people-ing life requires sometimes is quite taxing. 🙂

      We’ll compare notes on True Detective, eh?

      Amen squared.

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      1. I LOVED your review of Season 2 of True Detective! You brought the goods T-Siz!!

        And yes, I do agree. I can be quite gregarious, but then I need some down time to just chill and get back. It IS quite taxing, this people-ing thing . . .

        You betcha. Notes will be compared!

        ***High Five!***

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  3. It’s funny… True Detective – the first irked me to no end with all the bloody mumbling. I tried season 2 but gave up on it. Am I missing out?
    So very, VERY glad The Sickness has left you!
    Looking forward to your blogging more!
    I seem to have lost the first five days of the new year and my brand new agenda is mocking me, sitting in its cellophane wrapper.
    But hey, tomorrow (well, now as it’s 12:20 am) is Sunday, the official start to a new week and well. now that the holidays are really, REALLY over, I can start afresh, right?

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    1. The mumbling was/is annoying and from the trailers for season 3, it seems the mumbling continues. Season 2 was a train wreck! Truly awful. It’s been, like, three years between seasons because of it. I would try season 3 if I were you. It’s been a while (and season 2 was rushed), so maybe it’s good again?

      YAY! Thanks for the encouragement.

      The first 5 days of the new year are with any socks you can’t find and my ponytail holders, which seem to get up and walk away. I think every day is a good time to start, so you’re good!

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      1. It’s a new thing this mumble, low-talk bullshit. I hate it when I find myself backing up (thank God we can) and putting the volume up and still not sure what the eff they said…
        I heard Season 2 blew… And maybe I will consider Season 3. Maybe.

        You betcha!

        And oh. That’s definitely a bonus with the short hair. No more searching for my ponytail holders!! For now anyway. I change my hair all the time. Socks. Can’t help you there…

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  4. Hi Tara – thanks for the JusJoJan prompt today! Nice to meet you! I’m an introvert too and find blogging is a fun way to release the inner-extrovert waiting to find fun in life. Happy Blogging to you, you’re doing great at it from what I see!

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  5. Loved True Detective season 1 (mumbling aside) but haven’t seen season 2. I will have to read your review. I am also a fan of Manifest and you know I love This Is Us. I have to say that I am not a fan of winter, though your description made me see some positives. I am so glad The Sickness has left and you are feeling better!

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    1. Thanks, Amie! I’m glad I could help with the winter blues there. I know how busy you are and that will help the season fly by. Just take care so you don’t get winter sick!

      I’d love to hear your theory on Manifest — where was the plane for 5.5 years? This Is Us is back next week. What twists this year (are you all caught up)?

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      1. I am caught up with This Is Us, but I need to watch the three latest episodes of Manifest. I really have no idea where the plane was! I am guessing a wormhole/time vortex kind of thing but who knows. The show breaks my heart, though. I can’t imagine losing someone for 5 years, moving on, and then they reappear. I also can’t imagine inexplicably losing 5 years and coming home to a life that is totally upended.

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  6. That tree outside your frosty window is just beautiful! What a beautiful photo! I love snow and the snow white sky that accompanies it. Here, lots of rain lately. I dunno. Quite sad. Hope some good white stuff falls soon, and on a Sunday when we can all stay in and play in it without chaos.

    Glad you’re on the mend and ready to sing 😀

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