The Best Laid Plans

And so it goes, the best laid plans. Being sick for about half of the month was not how I planned to spend December. Alas, it was what happened. I had planned to do this or that the week before and the week of Christmas, but only what had to be done was completed, not by my choice. The rest of the time was spent relaxing, recouping, and recharging. It’s paying off and I feel like a human! For several days now. The cough lingers a wee bit, but…

My writing brain may be resting as well, so I’ve been bloggy silent, and decided today that will continue until 2019. That wasn’t planned but just kind of happened. Whose got two thumbs and is going with the flow, baby? THIS GIRL.

In the meantime, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I give you Adam Lambert making Cher cry and also WHOOOOO when he hits a note near the end that happily amazed everyone, including me. Then! Enjoy a throw back to one of my all-time favorite videos, with the cutest people on earth (for a time anyway), in honor of the new year holiday upcoming.

May 2019 be filled with peace, happiness, and good health (!) for us all. See you next year.



  1. To peace, happiness, good health, two thumbs up, girl power, great tunes, tap dancing, high fives, cool friends who get you and blogging on the regular (whatever that regular is for you, it’s all good).

    You go girl!

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  2. Nothing. And I mean NOTHING pisses me off more than getting “Video Unavailable” I’ve tried to get the Adam Lambert video off of YouTube. Nuthin but crap versions. Blaspheme, cuss, swear, curse.
    I just love Zooey Deschanel’s voice. Doesn’t it sound like it’s coming out of a special box?

    So very glad you are coming back to yourself and look forward to your smiley posts in the new year.

    Till then… Happy New Year!!



          1. I know, right? A friend of mine sent her books to another… He got them the day after Christmas. More than two weeks.
            And WE had the postal strike… go figure.

            And if you do that? You get a most special Asiago cheese dish 😉

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