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Zen and the art of nose blowing

Such a farce, a tease, a carrot on the end of a stick that was so much further away than I realized. The day I thought I turned a corner, I did — but only to get hit by a second truck I never saw coming. I was better than I had been, but not well. The true meaning of that word wouldn’t arrive in any real way for another five days (read: until today).

I had been zen about being down for the count until the cough got worse and I was on day five of not being able to sleep through the night. Couple that with having to go to work, then have someone there who says YOU got THEM sick then chastise you for not healing as fast as they seem to have (read: they haven’t gotten well, but they’re really good at stifling their cough because they must be right about this for some ridiculous reason) — I had some moments of non-zen-itude. Almost more than being sick, THAT — me no likee.

It went something like this:

Damn you people and your germs! Your coughing without covering your mouths! Your sloppy baby kisses (which I generally refuse — hugs are way less messy (usually)). Your high heat with no humidity because somebody decides short sleeves is good for them while the rest of us DRESS FOR THE SEASON! Your “It’s just a little cold” as your denial infects anyone in your general vicinity. And you non-hand-washers… what, do you think there’s a soap shortage?

I made it to Friday, but I don’t remember much about Wednesday and Thursday other than cough cough cough…. nose blow, blow, blow… repeat. Thursday night was the first night I actually slept almost the whole night. Friday, longer. Then last night, ahhhhhhhhhh. 10 glorious hours, with no wake-up-to-cough intermission. Am I still coughing? Yes. Not nearly as much or as hard. I feel like myself today. FINALLY. Oh, Me. I’ve missed you! I’ve missed you, too, Me.

I’m behind on my blog reading and writing. I caught up the laundry yesterday. I peeled the now-three-week-old, including a week of The Sickness, sheets off the bed, set them aflame, and then put them back on the bed all fresh and new. I have a new toothbrush. And I filled an entire trash bag with tissues — it looked like a snowman blew up into a million little pieces.

I don’t get sick. I blame the people OUT THERE! Unfortunately, though, I’m also Ms. Metaphysical, so… what is this illness trying to teach me? That I need to put hand sanitizer in my nose whenever I venture out into the people-y wilderness? Maybe. There are also lessons about patience and taking better care and more that I’ll have to contemplate as the healing continues. Having had nothing to think about except The Sickness for about a week, I’ll put that thinking aside for now, and focus on The Wellness I’m enjoying more and more of in hopes that it’ll get bigger, and stick around.

The one thing I know for sure right now — the next time I’m sick, I want to be Ferris Bueller sick. Good thing my new year at work starts very soon — paid time off days, I see you. Let’s spend some time together when I’m feeling 100% again.


*And the proper version of the song Mr. Bueller plays:


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9 thoughts on “Zen and the art of nose blowing

  1. Poor you… I have been where you are. It is zero fun – try feeling like this ON VACATION in the Caribbean – oh, and don’t forget that to get there, one must take a plane. You want dirty looks?
    I send you good healing vibes and shall keep a force-field around you so that no other trucks come your way!

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    1. Dale, I can’t imagine feeling this way on vacation! It’s enough to feel this way at home.

      Thank you for the force-field. That, plus sleeping for about 12 hours last night, has me feeling just about human (not 100%, but if I averaged up, I’m headed in the right direction).

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  2. I think we’ve been down the same road lately, only you make it sound a lot funnier than I did! I can relate to pretty much all of this, including the burning of the sheets. Ok, I’ll admit it. I didn’t burn them. But you can bet they were washed in some mighty hot water with plenty of soap.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. There’s nothing like that first good, long sleep after nights of being awake with a cold.

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    1. I only theoretically burned the sheets, of course – I could never do that to these as they’re my favorite set! 🙂

      Making things fun is how I cope, though I was *really* struggling toward to end of the part of when I really felt bad. But I kept telling myself then, when it feels like you can’t take anymore is usually when it starts to get better.

      I’m sorry you were sick, too. It seems like EVERYONE is sick. There’s some respiratory thing going around that’s knocking everyone here down. 2018 may have ended with illness, but at least 2019 will start on the upswing!

      Hope you continue to feel better, too. And yes, glorious sleep, especially after not being able to sleep… priceless!


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