Cooking up some gratitude

Someone just microwaved a piece of fish. This should be illegal.

My life has been filled with so many pleasantries lately that I take umbrage at this unwelcome and noxious smell invading my nostrils. This assault equals the time when, during my brief tour of duty as a barista, I was required to cover a morning shift during which an awful customer ordered an Asiago bagel, toasted. As it cooked, I became an Unhappy barista, nauseated. Asiago’s possibly the worst smelling cheese ever (if there are worse, my nose doesn’t want to know).

I’m holding my recently washed scarf under my nose. I suppose it might look strange to my colleagues if I tied it around the middle of my face until the fumes die or my olfactory senses become numb to them? Or perhaps they’ve grown to know me well enough here to say, that’s weird, but that’s Tara.

This stench is simply a reminder — to every yang there’s a yin. This yang’s smelly tang lingers, but it won’t always. And it reminds me of the yinny goodness I’ve experienced, like having the money to buy the scarf I’ll wrap around my head and cover my nose with.

After doing so, I’ll make a list of things to be grateful for, to pass the time until the pungency passes. Currently at the top of said list: that I don’t eat fish, and, if I did, I’d have enough self-awareness not to microwave it in an office full of people who may not appreciate my putrid culinary creations.


What are you looking at?

18 thoughts on “Cooking up some gratitude

  1. Oh, you fuss-ass, you! Asiago is amazing and fish is delish! However, I have to admit that nuked fish does “stank” real good… and heated up asiago ain’t nothing to smile about if’n you don’t like the smell of cheese. There are more stinky ones out there, but I’ll spare you…

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    • Thank you, Ally, on behalf of all workers everywhere for never microwaving fish at an office.

      As for my dislike of fish, it’s just never been my thing. My dad would make his southern catfish and hush puppies and I’d just eat the hush puppies. I eat tuna, out of a pouch, but that’s about it. I used to eat shrimp, but once I saw their lil’ faces… I just can’t anymore!

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  2. Oh me God, that’s just WRONG!

    There are certain foods/drinks I will not get particular with in public settings. I will not eat fish unless it’s prepared in a restaurant, because you just do not nuke seafood in civilized society. It’s unheard of!
    I also won’t nuke Brussels sprouts or broccoli in public (or ever, for that matter). And I will never, not for any reason, drink milk in public because there is always the chance for spittle from some strange place invading my milk.

    So umm, roundabout way of saying I totally agree with you on this.

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  3. Kathleen Howell

    I can’t think of anything much worse! I pray that someone hires in on my floor with a seafood allergy so that one of those official signs go up, prohibiting any consumption of seafood on our floor. #gag

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  4. I like fish, but I’m with you. First of all, I don’t eat leftover fish. Gotta eat it freshly prepared and cooked or not at all. I never make so much that we have leftovers when it comes to fish. Secondly, IF one does have leftovers, why would you microwave it?? That’s a terrible way to treat something that was probably pretty pricey (depending on where you live).
    Asiago is pretty stinky.

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