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As an INFJ, I spend a lot of time gathering information and intel (consciously and sub so), and also analyzing/questioning/pondering, etc. I do a lot of this silently so most people wouldn’t notice my brain is constantly playing 20 questions / 1,000,000 answers. Sometimes, though, my brain gives me a break and I only think, like, half as much as usual and contemplate silly things that make me laugh. Lucky you, today is that day.

Artist’s approximation of how many rolls there may actually be.

I wandered near the bathroom at work, a teeny half bath that I don’t like to use because there’s a man who uses it (enough said). It caught my eye today, though, because I could see through the mostly open door that the toilet paper fairy arrived and apparently went berserk. There’s a new roll on the spinny holder thingy with a bit dangling downward, what’s left of the old roll propped on top of that against the wall, a new roll sitting on the toilet tank, and two rolls on the shelf above the toilet. You’re asking now, too: what’s with all the TP?

  1. Someone had Mexican and is expecting to spend a LOT of time in there.
  2. We have a cat I don’t know about here. Entertainment!
  3. The man wants the bathroom to have that lived in look he perhaps has at home?

Then I realized — I put the two rolls on the shelf above the toilet (along with a roll of paper towels). But what if only Tall Tara and Also Tall Sara are the only ones who can reach that shelf?

For all the contemplating I do, I hadn’t contemplated that people shorter than we might not be able to reach that shelf (I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear).

And yes, my one coworker’s name is mine except for the first letter and dontcha know that causes all kinds of confusion with staff and clients alike. Sometimes, she’s called Tara and I’m called Sara. We decided to fuse our names. She likes STara, but I prefer TSara, pronounced Sara — the T is silent.

After contemplating that for a time, my mind flitted to my French studies. Duo at Duolingo and I spend a lot of time together. I’m doing well, but I’m curious about the French conversations I’ve heard in the past as Duo has me spending an inordinate amount of time on the following phrases:

  1. Je suis un garçon (or Je suis une fille).
  2. Je suis une femme (or Je suis un homme).
  3. Tu es un garçon (or Tu es une fille).

Just how much time do French-speaking people spend walking around saying I am a boy/girl, I am a woman/man, You are a boy/girl? When can I discuss my deep feelings for fromage and croissant? Curieuse.

You may be contemplating the following and will be interested to know that indeed I had to look up how to spell berserk but did not have to look up inordinate.

I could spend an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with a super clever ending for this post, but alas, I haven’t had lunch yet so all cylinders are NOT firing. I’ll just end this here then and bid you adieu. This is TSara, une femme, signing off.



I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

30 thoughts on “Ponder-osa

  1. I am closer to an INFP, but I get it… On the other hand, I think saying “Je suis un homme” is kind of like doing scales on a piano. You’d never play them for anyone else in a concert, but you do need to do them to get the feel for the language, I mean the instrument…

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    1. See, now, I hadn’t thought of that, Trent. Thanks. Linguist-power (not Fingerpower, which is a book I used to limber up my pianist fingers prior to playing my tunes). That makes sense. I am, however, on level 5 of the same phrases. I’ve written them, spoken them, put the words in the right order when jumbled. But I shall trust Duo is the lingual Yoda and I am just the student.

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  2. I’ve been pondering, as is my wont, and I reckon that the shorties could throw the lower toilet roll to knock down the upper ptoilet (that’s a silent pee there!) rolls from their lofty perches. So long as the floor is not wet, everything should be OK. If the floor is wet, first put up a “wet floor” sign, supply a mop, then the mop could be used to knock down the upper ptoilet rolls (another silent pee) once the floor has been dried. Then you need to find out who is doing all the silent peeing and making the floor wet!

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear your brain works like mine! 🙂 Yes, it’s an interesting place, the brain of an INFJ (yes, I think the tests are accurate — I took the legit long-form one a while back, along with online ones for fun. Always an INFJ).


  3. I am NOT an INFJ and have totally forgotten what the hell I am (needs must re-do test) but I thoroughly enjoyed this wacky post. Sometimes I think back to how I come to a thought and am amazed that I’m not in some looney bin…

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    1. I’m happy you enjoyed this wacky post! I often don’t know where my brain is going to take me. I don’t mind, though, so more often than not, it ends with a laugh or a smile. 🙂


        1. Not that tall, but taller than Man at the office. I’m 5’7″. My coworker that I mentioned is, like 5’9″. Now I realize you’re Canadian and, along with the rest of the world, don’t talk like that (in feet and inches), but I hope you get the gist. Along with French, I think I should finally learn more of the metric system!

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          1. I do talk in feet and inches (the two places I could not be converted are weight and height. I don’t know if I’m overweight in kilos… but in pounds, I know when it’s time to cut back!) I’m 5′ 81/2″ – so I usually say 5’9″ to keep it simple (and to discourage the short-ass men from cruising 😉 )

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  4. I just started studying French a couple of weeks ago! I’m using Pimsleur, and recalling–thanks to your post–how a work friend had suggested I check out DuoLingo when I was studying Spanish. I’ll have to check it out, since its inordinate-amounts-of-time phrases differ from Pimsleur’s. :p

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    1. I’ve not heard of that site you mention. Duo and I spent some time together when I refreshed my Spanish. As I’m traveling to French-speaking places sooner than Spain, I thought I’d focus on the French, so now he and I spend our time on that. I think I’m a little too invested in a drawing of a green lil’ owl who’s helping me learn language here.

      I’m glad they don’t call the sections inordinate-amounts-of-time phrases… I certainly would have run away! 🙂

      Good luck!


  5. A while back I said to myself “Self, stop being overly analytical,” And self didn’t listen very well because self rarely does.

    I mean, I CAN train yourself to do most anything, but the real me . . it seeps through, like water.

    So now I appreciate the quirks, because I got here anyways. 🙂

    Love your tale. Totes! 🙂

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