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Song Lyric Sunday: First

As the great musical poet Kiki Dee once said, “I’ve got the music in me.” Seriously, music is part of my daily life, so I participate in Song Lyric Sunday. This week’s theme is first.

song lyric sunday

I love amazing voices. I love a catchy tune, especially one with hand claps. And I love the 80s. That makes this song the perfect choice for this week for me.

I didn’t have cable when this song came out in 1983, so I only knew it from the radio. The video is colorful and campy — true 80s all the way. The song twas a hit amongst the preteen set, to say the least. Many a slumber party featured full-throated dance-party performance of this now classic tune. To this day, when it rains, I pay homage to these girls and their silly little tune. How? Well, I say, “It’s raining, but not men.” Every. Single. Time. It. Rains. And this happy little ditty brightens up the darkest days.

For your listening pleasure more than for your eyes (not every group in the 80s had Michael Jackson’s Thriller budget), I proudly present It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls.

‘Cause tonight for the first time, just about half-past 10
For the first time in history it’s gonna start raining men…

It’s Raining Men (click for full lyrics)

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This post is part of Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday. Read this week’s theme post here.


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20 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: First

  1. How could this, a song I danced to with my bestie, Roxanne innumerable times, be one that I never saw the video for?
    You have brought me back to some most wonderful memories, Tara! Thanks for that.

    Liked by 1 person

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