Una nota de martes

Twas the Tuesday before American Thanksgiving, when we celebrate people in silly hats with buckles pre-snookering cool cats in feather headdresses with crappy food like turkey, but hey, beggers can’t be choosers, eh? I am at work. I will forever be at work. Though told that Friday is “family time,” ergo boss will not be in the office, I will be here, despite the fact that I came from and in fact do still have a family. Apparently, family time = only for the 1%.

Tis a gloomy Tuesday today, but I have hath just brightened it by doing important work. Holy work. The final work of preparing for Jesus’ big birthday celebration, also known as Christmas shopping. When contemplating work peeps/gift ideas, I dithered back and forth on how much to spend and on what. Alas, a rescuer came via email at just the right time with the holiday life preserver. It’s in the shape of a tree, made o’ boxes filled with delicious candy, one for each day of December until the Big Guy’s Big Day™ (totes gonna ™ that — Big J would love it, I think, as would Santa and that’s good since there are actually the two big guys for the big day, eh?). I bought one for the office as it covers everybody AND I get to eat the candy I like when I’m here. Win-Win! I also bought one for home, since FAMILY and all, and more candy for me there, too.

Here it is, the Mrs. Prindables Advent Tree thingy (note: I’m not being paid to share this — I simply can’t contain my joy):

mrs p advent calendar

I’ve enjoyed Mrs. P’s caramel apples, slathered in chocolate and candy and YUM, so I know this treat tree will be tasty. Most importantly, however, this concludes this year’s Holiday Shopping. WOO!

I do have my cards to send. As I’ve done in the past, if you want a card from me and you’d like to send me one — let’s share holiday cheer! — email me at hello at daisysmileyface dot com with your address. Remember, it’s reciprocal. You’ll have to send one, too. Let’s save the postal service together!

I am wearing black socks that also have white reindeer and trees on them. My feets are festive. And in two short days, I’ll be celebrating the official kick off to the holiday season in true American fashion: I shall wear my snowman jammies all day, watch several awful parades that have way too much production value and not nearly enough marching bands featuring too many drums and saxophones, take a break from all that fun, then begin cooking our holiday meal.

As ‘Merica is a melting pot, we melt something different every year (note: we don’t like turkey). This year, we’re celebrating our neighbors to the south… It’s Taco Thursday in our house this year. I’m so grateful that we get to say Ole!

¡Viva Mexico!

Our tacos are different. How? Well, you’ll find out when they star in this week’s Thursday Doors as well! Since I’ve been dealing with unfun things at work lately AND it’s going to be 25 degrees F on Thursday, ergo I am NOT going outside ALL DAY, the doors will be inside and feature our tasty taco creations. Ooh!

As of Thursday, the final countdown begins (you’re welcome, 80s kids, for that earworm). Then! On December 1, the Chocolate-y Countdown begins at home and at work. I’m still stupified at how fast the time’s going by. Wait, is it already New Year’s Eve and I’m actually singing Auld Lang Syne? If that’s true, WHO ATE ALL MY MRS. PRINDABLES ADVENT CANDY? I want the truth! I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.

Wishing you a chocolate and candy dream day.



  1. You are certifiably … crazy fun! Yay to the solving all gift problems into one. You are WAY more generous than I as,,, oh wait, I don’t even have an office job. Only a part-time one as golf season is over. Mind you, we’ll be getting together to work to “celebrate” OTHER companies’ office parties from this Saturday all the way till the 14th of December… Yay me. Nothing better than weaving yourself between partying peeps whilst holding hot plates…

    I love your Christmas card idea. Expect an email 😉

    On… and I’m not even ‘Murican but all our flyers are just raving about Black Friday! Yep. We the followers… however, any shopping I *may* consider will be from the comfort of my home office chair in front of my computer in my flannel pjs.

    You don’t do turkey? All good. Taco Thursday sounds fabulous too.

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    1. Dale, Thanks so much. Actually, I’ll pay anything just about to make life easier. To get what I originally thought of for work peeps, I’d have to go to stores, get out of the car. Pfft! For just a wee bit more, I get this cute Advent thingy, filled with delicious candy that I, too, can eat whilst sitting at work! YAY!! I hate work parties around the holidays. My introverted nature is anti-small talk and that’s a major requirement. I will eye roll a ton for you, imagining you walking past patron after patron at said parties. I wish you good balance for all those hot plates.


      Ya know, I feel bad and do try to shop in some mom and pop shops, but it’s just too easy to click buttons and have boxes delivered to my house, ya know? I wish you happy PJ shopping.

      We’ve never really been turkey eaters. When we had bigger family shindigs, we’d have it, though, plus ham, and all the usual suspects (stuffing, whatnot). But the family is all over now and so I convinced my dining companion (mother) that we can eat whatever we want! And she LURVES my tacos! 🙂

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      1. So will I… I am way past that desire (need) to come off as that grandiose gift-giver. I have found that peeps are way more happy when I gift them with my spicy apple jelly instead of some store-bought doohickey.

        Yes, LOVE me some SNAIL MAIL! Still get excited when I get an envelope that does not contain an invoice in the mail!

        I do, too. But it’s hard. The price gives you heartburn while you are trying to have a big heart by shopping there…

        I love me some turkey. Only have it once or twice per year so… never got over served the stuff…
        The important thing is you and your guests are happy, right?



    1. What about chocolate tacos!?!?!? Quick! Invent those! I’ve been a Prindables fan since she showed up on QVC when I happened to be watching a few years ago. Now, she sends me emails and entices me to buy things several times a year. I love her smaller caramel apples with milk or dark chocolate coatings. You get 4 for $31 or so (plus shipping) with a discount. They are worth EVERY penny. Delish.

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  2. Very fun post. Oh, all that candy sounds wonderful, but I really should give up my sugar addiction. Perhaps next year. 🙂 Tacos sound good, too. We used to have deep dish pizza (Chicago-style, from a recipe that’s older than my youngest son, that I collected while we lived in Chicagoland) for our Thanksgiving when we collected all the Thanksgiving orphans. Some couldn’t abide the scent of turkey cooking and that started the pizza tradition that went on for several years. We’ve all since scattered to the winds (or different parts of the country).

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    1. Me, too (re: the sugar… alas, yes, next year… maybe). Pizza! Another good idea. I like that. Adding it to possible menu ideas for future years. We’ve scattered all over, too. It’s a quiet holiday, and that suits my introvert self quite nicely. 🙂



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