In the beginning of October, I joined a choir. For an introvert like me, who is friends with anxiety, this was a challenge. But I did it. After the initial leap, the second hardest thing is follow through. But follow through I did. I show up. I sing. I participate. I listen. I laugh. They’re a fun bunch. Oh, how I enjoys me some fun people.

Anyway, picture it: week five. I’m sitting in my section, the altos, also known as the troublemakers (I swear, they had this moniker before my arrival, though I’m happy to add to the mystique). We get through the first half of rehearsal. The songs are getting better. We’re hitting way more correct notes than wrong ones. And did I mention we’re having fun?

Anyway, part deux: we break for a few minutes. Alto Kim stands up to stretch her legs. I feel someone looking at me. I look up and smile at her.

“You know, we’re really happy that you’re here, you and Carol (other new alto next to me),” she says. “We’re sounding better and so much fuller. Before it was just us three.” She nods to the other two altos who have been around for some time.

“Thanks,” I say. “I’m happy to be here. I’m having a great time.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a member of a group, since I belonged to anything. It’s one thing to join something, but it’s a whole other thing to feel like you belong.


  1. Being an extreme introvert I understand having a hard time joining. This sounds great, though. I haven’t been part of a choir since I was a kid and don’t know how easy it would be for me. Glad it’s working out for you and that you are having such a good time. I’m sure it feels nice to be appreciated!

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          1. Of course, I guess your comment could have been read as “it takes a lot of work to be an Introvert!” which I would have to agree with… Being forced to read and relax and such when around too many people for too long – a lot of work!

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            1. Also true. AND part of introverting is having to extrovert.

              This comment string brought to you by introverts. Introverts: Analyzing Things On All Sides. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

              It’s ALL right.

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  2. This is a great reason to smile. I joined a choir years ago and it folded unfortunately as we did not have enough members. We sang a capella in the end and it was very hard but such fun! I can understand that you enjoy it!

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