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Daisy Digest: October

Daisy Digest LogoHalf summer, half Autumn (kind of), October was weird weather-wise. Otherwise, other than working, I partied like an old person (read: I sat on the couch the entire time) at a three-year-old’s birthday party. I tried to notice little things that make me happy as the days flew by. I tried to take breaks from the (bad) news.

Rev, rest, recoup, repeat.

The 31 days flew by, though (just me?).

Time to pause and take a look back at the month just passed as it comes to an end.

Blooms (highlights)

  • I joined a choir and am having so much fun singing with other people (ya know, instead of just singing all by myself).
  • I let my hair down, literally, to stay down (rather than in a summer ponytail) and experienced my usual Autumn My, how long my hair has gotten!
  • I celebrated the First Anniversary of My Broken Left Wrist! (any excuse for cake)

Wilts (challenges)

  • Getting any walking done outside this month — at least during the second half when summer finally went away.
  • Sticking to the same schedule on weekends as during the week.

Gratitude bounty

  • that I enjoy simple things like fresh sheets
  • welcoming, friendly faces
  • music
  • discovering via the google that I can right click on any YouTube video, click loop, and the video, hence the song, will repeat until I stop it
  • whatever keeps me thinking I should do/try/be/dream more/new
  • my three-hole puncher
  • DuoLingo, which is helping me with my French
  • weekends
  • looking forward, especially to getting my lost-to-Daylight-Savings-Time hour back this Sunday!

Daisy Delights

Visual: This Is Us —  the Jack / Vietnam backstory episode. Watching the draft lottery (in which draftees were selected by birthdate) made me so angry — a ridiculous process for an unnecessary and wasteful war. This episode was based in truth, but all the storytelling this show pulls off amazes me still, in its third year.

Auditory: I. Am. Obsessed.

Here’s hoping November is a month filled with more treats than tricks.

Daisy Digest is part of my Frequently Infrequent series. It posts on the last day of each month and recaps the highs and lows, the things I’m grateful for, the things I’m enjoying (recommending!), and other randomy goodness (including possibly a lil’ story), pictures, videos, and more. Read more about my Frequently Infrequent series here.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

15 thoughts on “Daisy Digest: October

  1. I want to get outside and walk more, too. I like how you placed this variable under Wilts. That’s what I’ve felt like all summer and so far this fall whenever I’ve tried to go for a walk. Less heat, more cool, please make it so.

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  2. October was indeed weird. And the month from hell where I work. It’s supposed to be the slowing down, the preparing to close up yet there was event after event. We’d look at each other and just sigh. Is it over yet? Now… let us recoup.
    Kudos to you for joining a choir! I love to sing. By myself. In my car. 🙂
    I have promised myself, and Zeke that we are getting out way more this November. Now that I can.
    Hey… you can practice your French with me!!
    Cheers to a new month with new things to appreciate, new challenges to face and more joy to be found!

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    1. October was super busy everywhere it seems. I blame the never-ending summer. Hopefully, Autumn will start sticking up for itself before Winter just bullies itself in here.

      Thanks! Car singing is a great thing to do, too.

      I hope you and Zeke enjoy the outdoors more this month. I had an invisible dog once — a leash that looked like it was holding a dog, but it wasn’t (I got it at the beach). Maybe I’ll get another one and then I’ll have somebody to walk with, too. ;p)

      YAY! Well, I’ll say then, Bonjour. Comment ça va? I’m using DuoLingo (and some books). Reading it is more difficult than speaking it… … …

      And YAY to your Cheers!

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      1. ‘Tis true. The golfers were super happy. We’ve hit the freezing mark a few times already. Barely time to enjoy the Autumn. Plus it has been off and on raining for the past two weeks. 😦

        Car singing is where I do my best “work”!

        We will. I have decided to make sure we do! Ha ha on the empty dog leash… too funny, But hey, if it gets you out there…

        Bonjour! Ça va très bien. Et toi? Je te souhaite bonne chance dans tes leçons et n’oublies pas, tu peux me demander de l’aide. (I wish you good luck on your lessons and don’t forget, uyou can ask me for help.)

        Woot! Woot!

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        1. I got a lot of that sentence you wrote before reading your translation! I get hung up on how some of the vowels should be pronounced… Spanish was easier in that regard I think. But I’m working through it! And thanks for the offer of help! I will take you up on that! 🙂 Merci beaucoup!

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          1. Yay! When one’s mouth has not been trained at a young age, yes, the pronunciation of some of the vowels is not easy, I admit. And good for you for taking it on.
            Mon plaisir, chère Tara! 🙂

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    1. I know, right? I’m learning these songs for choir and I need to hear them over and over, then I google if I can repeat a YouTube vid and VOILA! Right click, loop! I don’t know how long that’s been an option (probably forever) but I’m so happy I found it!

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