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Creation Vacation

I write the words. I’m all about the words. I am the words. Usually, I share a lot of words here. There’s something, however, I need and want to write that will make that cease temporarily. My blog will be taking a creation vacation.

A free image from Pixabay. Yay!

I have a writing goal, something I need and want to do by the end of September. To accomplish this, I need to live and breathe what I want to write.

I shall zombie through those pesky necessary obligations, then spend the rest of my time, and every ounce of energy that I possibly can, toward this goal. I will think of it before sleeping, allowing my brain to work on it as I’m dreaming, then get up each day and write about it first thing. When more awake, I’ll write and write, then eventually, I’ll tweak and edit and polish and shine.

For this reason, my wordy bloggy goodness will take a break, until the next installment of Daisy Digest on September 30, unless I get done what I need to sooner. Any creative thoughts that would become letters on a page must be funneled into this project (and its deadline) and this project alone. One could do both, I suppose, but if I write here, then I spend time here, and I visit people here, then the writing time I need becomes more limited. Cold turkey is the only way to go, I’m afraid. “Focus, Tara-san. Deadline only a few weeks away!” I’m paraphrasing Mr. Miyagi there, but YES, SENSEI!

BUT! As images and nature inspire me and often are a way through which I’m able to find my words, I’ll be hanging out on Instagram — occasionally — so we can see each other there (I’m not on Facebook and I stopped tweeting regularly a few weeks ago, for the time being). If I have energy to spare, I’ll post some of my photos here, on #WordlessWednesday. I’ve not participated in this weekly challenge before — there’s a first time for everything!

This is so in my head that I will do this that I may not even listen to music with words, and y’all know how much I loves my music! THAT’S how much I want to help Muse help me to use my words — all of them, if necessary — for this project.

Of course I’ll eventually share what this is all about. But for now, mums the word (and not just because it’s almost Autumn).

When I wrote By The Numbers in May, I had tallied more than 37,000 words on this site. Muse was annoyed. I just checked, prior to compiling this post, and the total is now more than 52,000. Muse is REALLY pissed at me right now — this project could have been done, a few times over.

I do hope you’ll understand. I’ll miss y’all, but I live with her, so what she wants, she gets.

Feel free to peruse posts here — I’m sure no one has read them allllllllllll (categories and months/years searchable in the sidebar, or check out the links at DSF FYI). If you miss me, and don’t do Instagram, do drop me a line. Or leave a comment on this post or something else you’ve read here in my Daisy world. I’ll read and answer after Muse and I are done our work.

Here are some tunes I’ve been listening to (on repeat) lately to tide you over, too. (I’ve shared a lot of these before, but not in one place! These songs inspire me so maybe they’ll do the same for you. See you soon!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

5 thoughts on “Creation Vacation

  1. Tara,

    I totally get and respect your need to “hit the gym” so to speak. Whatever project you’re working on deserves this time alone with you, so here’s to seeing you on the other side! Go get ’em!
    And great list of tunes btw . . .

    Peace and prospering


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