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Sundays are for silence. Sundays are for quiet. Sundays are the Christmas Eve of weekdays: all is calm, all is bright. Sundays are the library of the week: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

To all of the people making noise today, go Sunday yourself.


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6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. What about us poor schmucks who have to work on Sunday, eh? What about that?
    In the meantime… do enjoy your lovely quiet Sunday. I shall get ready for my 4 pm shift…


    1. I’ve worked my fair share of Sundays, back in the day. I’m simply lamenting those who insist on being noisy all the time (frankly) and wish they would at least be QUIET on what many see as a traditional day of rest. Just. One. Day. PEOPLE! 🙂
      Have a good (quiet would be nice?) day at work!

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      1. I am in total agreement with you, Tara. It has been blessedly quiet here all morning and early afternoon… then the sons woke up/returned from work. All peace is lost,


  2. Christmas Eve of weekdays, I love it.. But… I don’t look forward to Mondays!!! LOL But I did finish a great book and I’m excited to dive into the next.. Library of the week.. Yaaasssssss!!!

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