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Daisy Digest: August 2018

We’re losing our grip on summer, mostly because the humidity makes it too slippy to hold on to. As we sweat our way to the second-best month of the year (after April) and one of the most beautiful words in the English language (September), I’m looking back at the month that comes to an end today.

Blooms (highlights)

  • Surviving another sweaty sweltering summer month.
  • Making people around me laugh frequently.

Wilts (challenges)

  • See the above-mentioned sweaty sweltering summer month.
  • A tooth issue that meant pain and also the fun of the dentist.

Gratitude bounty

  • Medicine and the geniuses who invent them
  • the Internet and that meaning that anything I can think of, I can get: “Five-year planner!” I said, and poof! I found one online.
  • all the metaphysical stuff I listen to and read, and the people who speak and write it
  • air conditioning (it simply can’t be said enough)
  • bloggy friends
  • my manual pencil sharpener that actually works
  • Hello Kitty bandages
  • chocolate chocolate chip ice cream
  • the season premiere of This Is Us is only 26 days from today! (Sept. 25)

Daisy Delights

  • Literary:  I just picked up 7 books at the library last weekend. I haven’t finished any of them yet, so I have no favorite book I’ve read this month… I did, however, resubscribe to, like, 6 magazines and they’re starting to arrive. I’ll be up to my eyeballs in words to read this Autumn and beyond.
  • Visual: all my favorite TV shows (all three of them) are on hiatus, but! I am totally enjoying the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Until this last week of the month, I’ve mostly been watching Law and Order reruns (when I watch TV, which isn’t often).
  • Miscellany:  This weekend is a three-day weekend, which gave me something to look forward to whilst I sweltered the entire month.
  • Auditory: In addition to my glee that STEVE PERRY IS BACK!, I am still loving the soundtrack to Dear Evan Hansen. I can happily report that, as of today, I can get to minute 4 of this song before I start crying. This is a vast improvement, people. Grab a tissue and take a listen to this beautiful song.


When I perused the shelves of new arrivals at the library, a younger librarian walked by and smiled. I smiled back. As I was reading in the inside jacket of another possible addition to my to-be-read stack, her voice from behind startled me.

“Oh, my goodness!” she squealed. “I love your bag,” she said, swooning over the one that looks like the old cards used to track dates in library books’ back pockets.

“Thank you,” I said, clutching my chest, enjoying our exchange, but wishing she would have let me see her prior to her glee scaring the hell out of me. (Dude… I was READING.)

After selecting my seventh and final book for this trip, I scanned my card and my treasures and put them in the most adorable bag (!), then walked out. On my way to the car, I looked down and saw moss growing in the slate walkway.

Life grows in the broken places.


Daisy Digest is part of my Frequently Infrequent series. It posts on the last day of each month and recaps the highs and lows, the things I’m grateful for, the things I’m enjoying (recommending!), and other randomy goodness (including possibly a lil’ story), pictures, videos, and more. Read more about my Frequently Infrequent series here.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

4 thoughts on “Daisy Digest: August 2018

  1. I thought my friend was the only one who used the term “slippy” 😉 It has been awful up here in the Montreal area too. Yesterday was a surprise as we almost “froze” working outside on the terrace at 55F – when the day before it was 95F… I mean, come ON.
    So I read “Steve Perry is Back” then I click on the link for “Dear Evan Hansen” – start thinking… holy shit, has Perry’s voice ever changed… d’oh!
    Agree with you, “You Will Be Found” is so beautiful. And Steve Perry still sounds the same (phew).
    And as a librarian, she should know to approach peeps gently and not with a squeal!
    Love your Daisy Digest and may the cool(er) climes arrive…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wish I could freeze in those temps! Sooner rather than later, I hope!

      Glad you enjoyed the tunes. And right? The library just isn’t the quiet place it used to be these days.

      Thanks so much! And I hope the cooler weather visits and stays soon.


  2. I really don’t hold up well int he heat so I don’t think I could get though summer without air conditioning.
    Thankfully, as Dale mentioned the heat and humidity finally broke here and we’re back to sleeping with the windows open and no need for A/C.
    Probably going to watch the tennis for most of the long weekend 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m jealous! I’m moving to Canada, stat! Once the humidity finally goes away, I anticipate going outdoors more often. Looking forward to that (and to participating then again in Thursday Doors).

      Ah, tennis. Lounging in a/c comfort whilst they sweat pounds away. Good tourney so far. Some really good matches. Hope that continues!


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