Tuesday morning

I think you should know the following — mostly because I don’t want to be the only one who knows them, but also, some of them were amusing to my fried brain. I feel the need then to share.

I just asked my boss to sign important documents in blue so I can stop doing my best Louis Braille impression to determine which of the the original and a copy is which if he signs in black.

I just ate Goldfish crackers as my second breakfast item (first was strawberry yogurt). Whilst eating, one of them apparently smiled bigger (they are the snack that smiles back after all), causing part of his cheek to fly to the back of my mouth to a place that made me not only cough it out, but then I also sneezed. WHAT?!

I just met a lovely butch with a firm yet didn’t-squeeze-the-hell-out-of-my-hand handshake. Her colorful flowery butterfly-ish tattoos brought some color to my beige existence here.

I will be placing an order from Staples shortly. This makes me happy, even though it’s not for my personal use. I shall go back to school shopping for myself in person this weekend. (No, I am not going back to school, but I do enjoy the back to school shopping.)



I am not a pumpkin spice fan, but I’m happy to see it return today. That, plus the U.S. Open tennis tournament play that began yesterday, plus the upcoming three-day weekend give me the strength to hang on until this sweaty summer ends. Of course, my grip is loosening due to everything dripping wet with humidity. Like the world washed its hands but there are NO PAPER TOWELS in the dispenser!

I hope the man who mowed his lawn at 7:30 this morning enjoys a mower that’s so clogged with wet grass that he can no longer use it. I also hope he won’t mind my pots and pans parade, only right in front of his house, one night when he least expects it, around 2 a.m.

My tennis faux boyfriend, Gael Monfils, plays today at 3:30. Thank you, 21st century, for making Internet at work mandatory for things to do with my job. I shall watch him in the corner of my 20-inch monitor whilst “working.” If I’m not totally melted at that point, that is.

Carry on.


14 thoughts on “Tuesday morning

  1. All this time and I’ve never noticed that a goldfish cracker smiles? I would ask what planet I’m from, but I am afraid to know.
    And YES to the U.S. Open! It is the annual notice that Labor Day is straight ahead, and the matches are always so personal at the venue.
    I would say “stay cool”, but it might seem mean right about now, lol.

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    • Well, see, I’m here to help you learn new things! Just like I learn new things from you!
      YAY! The matches are cool and SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER. Happy happy joy joy.
      Stay cool…. what is this… cool…. you speak of…. *faints from heatstroke*

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      • Blogging is the new old fashioned way of befriending like minded peeps, dontcha think?
        Summer is almost over. Imma keep saying that over and over again until it comes true!
        Mind you, I’ve only heard rumors about this “cool” thing. Not sure as to the veracity of these rumors, but I think it has something to do with temps that are actually agreeable. I realize this may sound crazy . . .


  2. The question is, will the boss comply or be an a-hole?
    Those fishies are sneaky when they get into the wrong place…I am trying NOT to picture the resulting expulsion.
    What is it about stationary that is almost like an aphrodisiac? The smell of pens and pencils and stuff… oh wait, it’s not just me, is it?
    What a perfect description of these hot and sweaty (didn’t know I could sweat THERE) days.
    The joys of the US open is that at work, they change the channel to tennis instead of golf… these golfers are obsessed with their “sport”…
    The neighbour will probably throw something at you like: by law, I can start to make your day miserable at 7 am…..

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    • He complied, begrudgingly. I WILL HAVE MY WAY!
      The fishy tried to escape. Probably didn’t mean to try to kill me.
      Stationery… O.M.G. A guy gave me a bouquet of pens once — the key is they have to be the original Bic Stic Cristal ™. I am a simple gal and like simple (yet particular) things.
      Thank you. *bows* Seriously. Sweat in soooo many places… from SITTING STILL.
      YAY for tennis and not golf!
      I’m going to check the local noise ordinance. I think it might be 8 a.m. … … …


      • Yay to the boss!
        I’m sure it was innocent.
        Ahhh. A bouquet of pens? I’m quite jealous.
        Sweat. Eyelids. Think about it!
        Hah! Anything but golf.
        8 am is on weekends for us…


  3. Our relatively new, young, go-getter type, across-the-street neighbour had a habit of cutting his lawn VERY early on weekends. This spring when he was out at 6:45 am and woke us up, well we just had to go over and politely ask him to keep in mind that others might be still sleeping at that hour and came to an agreement that after 8:00 was reasonable. So far, so good.
    Tennis in the Big Apple: yes! I just wish I was there watching it live ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Glad that you and your neighbor could be reasonable together. I will say something to this gentleman if it continues. I got in trouble at an apartment once for making too much noise after 10:30 p.m. They started mowing the lawns near my building at 7, and my lease said Quiet Time was from 8:30 to 10:30. I called the office and told them that if I had to abide by the rules, so did they. No mowing before 8:30. AND THEY OBEYED! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know, right? I wish I was there, but the whole large crowds thing… PLUS the cost. I’m sure it’s more expensive than ever. The tennis gods are with me — my faux boyfriend’s match was delayed so I’ll get to watch most of it at home soon! YAY!!!!


  4. I enjoy back to school shopping too, even if it has been a long time since I’ve gone back to school.

    I am not a pumpkin spice fan either, but enjoy seeing its season roll around for the same reason you do. It’s a pink slip for summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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