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Song Lyric Challenge

I don’t often partake in bloggy challenges in which one is tagged, but I loves me some music, and was tagged by a fellow music lover, so here I am!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.  Thanks, ghostmmnc!
  2.  Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days. See below!
  3.  Nominate three other bloggers each day. I nominate anyone else who wants to play.

I decided to focus on female singer/songwriters that I admire (I’m hoping that works, too, for Song Lyric Sunday, since that’s day three of this challenge).

Day 1:  Where I Stood by Missy Higgins

I. LOVE. This. Song. Pandora (online radio, for those not in the know) introduced me to Miss Missy Higgins, an Australian singer/songwriter. I love her voice. I also love the story: she loved, but not enough, and that maybe someone else who stands where she stood can love enough. And she came to that conclusion partly because of the fact that she loved.

You taught me how to trust myself and so I say to you this is what I have to do


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

6 thoughts on “Song Lyric Challenge

  1. Thanks so much for playing along with this challenge, Tara!
    I hadn’t heard of this song or singer, so I’m happy to have heard it. It’s very emotional, and the story she’s telling must have been a difficult decision to let go of that relationship. 🙂

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