I can’t think of a clever title because summer’s humidity makes my brain not work properly

(Boy, that was wordy.)

A spam comment started with this: “Keep functioning.” (A) Thanks, bot, for the encouragement said in a really weird way. (B) How did you know I’m struggling to function?

melting-155936_640The last two weeks in July are usually the worst of the year. Even if August decides to be hot as blue blazes, the “shortening” of the day (less sunlight as the earth gloriously tilts the other way and gives me back my darkness and eventually winter… hallelujah!) means it isn’t nearly as bad or long-lasting as July. Now that July is over, it’s warp speed until Autumn. Just me or did this summer go particularly fast?

I’ve been hibernating much, as I and my hair don’t really enjoy humidity. It creeps into living spaces, though, so even though I sit on air conditioner vents, the weather still wears me out.

For instance, I started reading To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism by Rob Riemen on July 21, enjoyed what I read, then found myself nodding off on page 71. Those who find the title a bit dull ergo leading to an unscheduled nap, it is not as dry as watching C-Span for hours (who does that?), but it is academic. In my mind, though, it’s absolutely required reading. Anything about this topic is, because of the world we’re living in (all followers of President Orange aren’t fascists, but all fascists are followers of President Orange, and battles thought to be won will still be waged because they never actually end… who knew?).

A few gems from this book (so far):

“…despite all our scientific and technological progress, the world-wide access to information and a provision of ‘higher education’ for everybody who can afford it, the dominant force in our society is organized stupidity…”

“[Fascism] is a form of politics used by demagogues whose only motive is to enforce and extend their own power, to which end they will exploit resentment, designate scapegoats, incite hatred, hide intellectual vacuity beneath raucous slogans and insults, and elevate political opportunism into an art form with their populism…. It is manifesting itself again.”

(I don’t think he’s smart enough to actually do this on purpose — he’s just a raging narcissistic bully — but maybe just being birds of a feather with such types is all Orange needs to become one (birds of a feather and all). Also, he’d need a dictionary to understand most of that last sentence, but I digress.)

After that, I hopped in my wayback machine and spent HOURS watching The Greatest American Hero on Decades TV.

Thanks, Past Me, for enjoying this show. Much more grown-up me (at least in years) still enjoyed the humor, physical comedy, and positivity of the show all these years later. I also enjoyed seeing again a young Michael Paré, pre-Eddie and the Cruisers. *sigh*

Anyway, so I’m reading and watching (read: vegging) to avoid summer, but also to keep from getting sucked into watching endless hours of coverage of this dystopian disaster we’re living. I have to, or I’ll just keep stress-eating Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews like there’s no tomorrow (because it feels like, often, there may not be).

… … …

And that was a week ago — when I wrote that first bit. Another week has flown by. Football players are practicing, just a week out from their first preseason game, and Back to School sales are in full swing. These, along with cicadas singing the swan song of summer, alert me to the fact that my favorite season will be here sooner rather than later.

With Autumn’s return, I assume there will be a return of words. Here. Elsewhere. Well, I have been writing creatively… some. Last week, I handwrote two full pages, back to back, of a comedy routine. A COMEDY ROUTINE! This, something I’ve toyed with for years. Will I ever have the nerve to actually do it? Especially now, since Hannah Gadsby has apparently obliterated the art form in her show Nanette (have you heard? Here’s the latest I’ve read of the zillion articles on the topic).

(That’s another thing I did in July — I watched about every comedy special I could during my free Netflix streaming trial… hers, everything Tig Notaro and John Mulaney, W. Kamau Bell (FUNNY man about topics o’ today!), and others). I would normally include clips, but this post is too long already. Another day, when the words return…)

Back to my point!

I haven’t felt much like doing anything — thanks, Summer — and that includes writing original content here. I just wanted to put that out there. It’s not like the battle waged in May. It’s summer malaise, and THAT I know will end.

So now, I’m hitting send, and letting the universe, and you, know that I’m still alive (sitting as still as possible). Maybe I’ll finish my fascism book this weekend. Or maybe I’ll just page through some magazines that are more pictures than words. No thinky until the stinky summer ends.


  1. I like the term organized stupidity. Very apt. I’ve read about Nanette all over the place. My hair and I will sit inside this weekend and watch it. Too much humidity does my brain in too.

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    1. I enjoyed that term as well. I hope you and your hair enjoy Nanette. Let me know what you think. I haven’t reviewed it yet, though I saw it about a month ago. I’m *still* thinking about it. Glad I’m not alone in the humidity humdrums.

      Liked by 1 person


  2. August is the dog days, or we’re in the doldrums…I feel it too, not wanting to do anything.
    Oh, the Greatest American Hero was a fun show. I watched it back then, and the theme song is one of our favorites to listen to, even now. 🙂

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