Woke Up Singing: The Heights

Almost every day, my brain wakes with a record already dropped on its turntable. Sometimes, it’s like a dream — me telling me something or revisiting something about me/my life. Other times, it’s random as f*ck and I like to think my subconscious is just trying to keep me entertained on this crazy roller coaster ride called life.

I celebrate this in my new Frequently Infrequent Series Woke Up Singing. (Other Frequently Infrequent Series include Movie Monday: A Review for You and Daisy Delights (under construction).)

Today’s jukebox classic, and I use that term loosely, in this case comes courtesy of The Heights.

woke up singing bird wmIf you were a zygote in the 90s, you won’t know who this is, but perhaps you heard this song wandering around the supermarket or standing next to the gas pump whilst filling your tank (all the pumps here have TVs or play music). The Heights (which some would pronounce The Highths) were a band, again using that term loosely, in the 1990s, a somewhat questionable period for music. The group also was a show called The Heights about the group (how meta!). It only last several months in the year of our bad music, 1992. But one song in particular struck a chord and made it to number on the Billboard Music Hot 100.

Sung by Jamie Walters, who went on to play Ray Priut (who’s name only had one ‘t’ because “my momma couldn’t afford two”, and who domestically abused Donna Martin (well after Donna Martin graduates!) on Beverly Hills, 90210, the song I woke up singing this morning is How Do You Talk To An Angel. I’m guessing from this tune, the proper way would be: (a) in a gravelly voice; (b) with a rockin’ guitar; and (c) a leftover from the 1980s saxophone solo. But I could be wrong.

Edited to add after comments conversation: I have no idea why my brain played this tune this morning. I heard it on the radio last week, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind when I think, “Why is my mind doing this to me today?” ha

This post brought to you by my brain and a lifelong love of music (and snark, sometimes). Look for more Infrequently Frequent posts, you know, infrequently.


    1. Tis not a dream, Tara. It really happened. It might have seemed like a blip, because the show only lasted, like five months.

      Did you know that Jamie Walters left show business and became an EMT/firefighter? I know, right?! 🙂



  1. Definitely heard this song while shopping in the grocery. Or at the mall in a store while trying on clothes. Interesting that it manifested in your brain. And how does that make you feel? 😀

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    1. I delayed my response to your comment in an attempt to answer your query, Dr. Bean. Unfortunately, I have no good answer. If there’s a reason for my brain to have spun this disc, I am not consciously aware of it. I know I heard it on the radio last week, but that’s not yesterday, when I woke up singing it. I’ll keep my ears open — literally — to see if my subconscious sends me a message about this. Otherwise, I’ll just assume that it’s a blast from the past (a week ago and the 1990s) and I feel A-OK about that. 🙂

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