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Share Your World ~ Twenty-One

Some weeks I participate in Share Your World, a weekly blog challenge some of the cool kids I know take part in. Welcome to a wee part of Tara’s world!

Share Your World

If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go? (remember this is SYW, they are friendly aliens)

If things keep going the way they’re going politically… perhaps. It would depend. I’d have to find out about where they’re from. Don’t want to go from the frying pan into the fire. Is your world filled with oceans and, more importantly, peacefulness? Then I’m there!

How tall are you? Are you satisfied with your height?

I am 5 feet 7 inches. And I’m feet and inches because I’m American! And we don’t teach the metric system. Of course, I could learn it at this point… … … I like being tall. I was always at the back of the line in school processions. I would like to be 5 feet nine inches without wearing high heels. That’d be cool.

Do you think you could live without your smartphone (or other technology item) for 24 hours?

YES. YES. For the love of all things not tech-related, YES! I HATE this constant connectivity. And the idiots talking, or worse — texting, while they’re driving… weaving out of their lanes, going slower than they think, on a highway! Take the phones away! Take them all away! … This message brought to you by I Swear I’m Not a Luddite: When you’re just sick of people acting like idiots because of their addiction to technology.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

I watched three comedy specials on the Netflix over the weekend (yes, kids, I’m back with the ‘Flix, but streaming this time… we’ll see how long this lasts). The one that was really enjoyable was Happy to Be Here with Tig Notaro. She told stories toward the end of how she plays pranks at parties, then played a prank on the audience that had me confused — was she telling the truth or not? — yet happily laughing. It’s a fun hour-plus of entertainment, if you’re looking for an alternative to the dystopian reality show we’re living in now. Here’s the trailer!

This post is part of Share Your World, a weekly blog event, by Cee (click to join in!).

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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

10 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ Twenty-One

  1. I could easily give up all that my smart phone has to offer EXCEPT for one thing, the weather. I enjoy knowing atmospheric specifics about where I’m standing on this earth. I can be geeky at times.

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