I Demand a Do-Over

This past weekend was a three-day weekend in the U.S. Judging by the people I’ve interacted with already this morning, I think we all need a do-over (or at least another day off or so).

rain-1700515_1280It rained — monsoon-like — on Sunday, ruining any plans outside and even inside as roads to some interesting places to wander indoors were blocked by flooding and/or downed trees. Monday wasn’t much better, what with endless cloud cover and overall gloom as people came to realize two of the three days away from work were going to be days better spent at work since one can’t really do anything interesting and/or exciting in a deluge and its gray aftermath.

Then today, the grumpitude is through the roof.

“He hasn’t bothered to return my call,” one said snottily.

“Was he ever going to call me back?” said another.

Granted, non-returned/non-timely returned phone calls irk me as well, but there’s an edge today that my unscientific study concludes just might be related to the sucky holiday weekend just passed.

Was I bothered by the stormy weather? Not so much. After all, it’s an introvert’s dream to spend endless amounts of time in one’s pajamas, inside, far from others. Besides, I can’t change the weather so letting it get me down doesn’t solve anything. But I digress.

The only thing I know for sure is that the forecast for today seems to be Whack-A-Mole for anyone that dares to raise their heads, so I’m going to keep mine down and try to interact with folks as little as possible lest I feel the fury of their pounding mallets on my skull.

Before I go, I’ll remind everybody here that it’s just a few short weeks until our next national holiday, July 4th — Independence Day! … … What? It’s a Wednesday? Well, what the hell’s the point of that?

Grumble grumble.


      1. I feel you on this. Some people are under the impression that I’m a bright and cheery social butterfly . . . . yeah no.
        I don’t PUT on a face, I am friendly and cheery with everyone. But some days . . . it’s tough to feel it. Very.
        I have this fantasy that time stands still and I have an entire calendar year to just veg in my pajamas and watch TV . . and eat whatevs. At the end of the calendar year, I go right back to where I was. Sigh . . .

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        1. I’m having a not feeling it day today myself. Sleepy. Gray weather not helping. *sigh* A whole year? I’ve actually done that… it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. As Daniel-san learned from Mr. Miyagi, tis all about balance. 🙂

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          1. Oh it’s a total fantasy. The year is in total seclusion, no other peeps. I realize a year seems like a lot of time, but if I KNEW I would be going back to reality, I might try it, lol.
            In lieu of that, of course . . . balance.

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