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Song Lyric Sunday: Shares Your Name

song lyric sundayAs the great musical poet Kiki Dee once said, “I’ve got the music in me.” Seriously, music is part of my daily life, so I participate in Song Lyric Sunday. 

This week’s theme is a song by an artist/singer who shares your nameand DJ Tara’s choice… is totally off-theme.

This theme is fantastic! I love a challenge. I searched for singers/artists named Tara and found several. But none of the songs, ya know, spoke to me. I know it doesn’t have to, but I’m me — Tara — and one of my rules is yes, a song must speak to me to be featured.

I thought about using my middle name, but decided against it. I even found a six-degrees-of-separation entry using my last name, but no! I wasn’t happy with any of those featuring those with my first name, then I shall go my own way. That’s what we Tara-s do, you know.

Since I couldn’t find one song by a Tara I liked, I’m showcasing songs and artists this Tara loves: two songs by a Michael that I love and a Kyla that I’m rooting for.

Before we start jammin’, know that I’m a The Voice girl as far as the competition goes (of course, as I’m a Late to the Party girl, this season is the first I’ve ever watched of that show… LOVE). But, as a former American Idol watcher, I’ve kept my eye on that reboot this year. There’s this one guy….

I heard the first song — from 2011 — for the first time when Michael J. Woodard sang it a few weeks ago (remember, I’m always late to the party). I know part of the reason this rocks is because Sia apparently can’t write a crappy song, but this kid… that last note. *faints*

It’s Sia’s Titanium.


And on a lighter note, here’s Michael J. singing Maybe This Time from Cabaret (with a lil’ bit at the beginning about him… such a cute personality!).

The kid’s got range, people. Alas, he’s not in the finale and I can’t even speak to how wrong that is. But hey, at least I still have my girl Kyla in The Voice. Here’s a video of Kyla Jade singing You Don’t Own Me (with awesome reactions by one Kelly Clarkson).


Excuse me while I go fan myself for a bit. I got all worked up what with the emotion and the vibrato and the notes in the stratosphere and … *faints again*.


This post is part of Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday. Read this week’s theme post here. Read her choice for this week’s theme here.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Shares Your Name

  1. I apologize in advance if this is a lengthy comment… I used to watch American Idol, but it became more of popularity contest and less about “the voice”. The last season I watched, two people made it to the end who were not even half as good as other singers who were voted off. I will say that Michael is astounding! He gave me chills and made me laugh and cry. It’s sad that he didn’t make it to the end.

    I found The Voice to be slightly better, although still with flaws. I’ve been watching it for quite some time now. Kyla is the only artist who has made me cry this season. She has a fantastic voice and I do love her. Thanks so much for this post. I enjoyed every song. 🙂

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    1. I love a long comment! Thanks, Helen!

      I stopped watching American Idol when David Cook won (or came close to winning, I don’t remember). It always struck me as more of a popularity contest. I had heard of The Voice and loved the concept — of them having to choose based on their voices. Of course, producers cull the potentials so there’s still some of that popularity stuff going on — what people look like/their style, etc. factors in some still. But I like The Voice overall much better.

      Michael gave me chills a few times. He just needs to hone his skills some and the boy is set! And I hope Kyla wins!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and each song.

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  2. I’ve never been a competition-show fan…but love some of the results-like the one and only Kelly Clarkson…but these two are amazing! I’m sure I’ll be hearing their names in the future. Thanks for the heads up! 💯👍

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  3. Oh, my word…both these singers are outstanding! Titanium is one of my favorite songs, and Michael sang it sooo good! Kyla is a powerhouse with her voice! Love them both. I used to watch both AI and the Voice, but haven’t in quite awhile. There are sure some excellent singers that compete. I think I quit watching because of the over long sob stories they show about the contestants. I’m just wanting to hear the singing part. 🙂 Thanks for posting these!

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