Photo of the Month: Twilight

It’s a new month, and I’m starting anew with a feature I used to do: The Photo of the Month. This photo, taken within the last month, will be featured on the first day of the new month. Example: April’s choice is published on May 1. Simple, eh?

Today is May 1. This post features my choice for my favorite photo from April.

My sunset drives get longer as the setting time gets later. I wander along the river, but somehow, after two decades, I find a new road. On the Jersey side, after idling along the tiny streets of Titusville, a stop sign demands I turn left or right. Left takes me back in the direction I came. Right is unknown. I choose right.

The road becomes narrower and less paved as I roll along. Eventually, though it still has a name, it’s now a dirt-covered drive with two indented tire tracks made by other adventurers like myself. It gets me almost to the edge of the riverbank (about 75 feet closer than the original road I came from above allows).

I stop several times, roll my window down, and take this same shot. Sometimes with more trees, sometimes less. Then, towards the end of this road, I take this one. As seems to be the norm, the last one is the best.

The road winds up, back toward the civilization of macadam-paved streets, to the original street I started on outside the town, up where you can’t see what I saw and captured this April evening. I roll the window back up and rejoin the regular world away from this hidden sunset spot.




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