A to Z: (If) You Can Fly, Then Soar

I’m not a Jewish girl who masquerades as a boy to get an education, but I totally get where she’s coming from in this song. And it’s a little ditty that helps me through one of the toughest times of my life.

Picture it: 2007. I decide I’m getting divorced. This decision comes after much hemming and hawing, and being pissed off because, unlike my siblings, my dad wasn’t here to tell me I was doing the right thing. He wasn’t here to tell me anything anymore, to be the help I needed, like before, if I made a huge life decision, like the one I was making.

Could I leap on my own? What if I didn’t fly?

In 2007, if you lived in my neighborhood as I was packing up my things, and then in my new apartment building after I ditched the ring and the liar that gave it to me, you would have heard this song on repeat.

My father wasn’t around anymore, but the years he was counted for something. And in the end, I didn’t need him to tell me if I was making the right decision. All the times in the past that he was there for and helped me, enabled me now to find my way, alone.

Yentl sings of making a new life, exploring, and discovering, and becoming all that she could be. And she did (as did/am I).


This post is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My theme is Musical Memoir. Each Monday through Saturday, I explore personal memories through my love of music, inspired and coordinated by the letters of the alphabet. Join in the fun and participate in the challenge, or leave a comment and enjoy some conversation. Thanks for reading. Peace.

3 thoughts on “A to Z: (If) You Can Fly, Then Soar

  1. I understand how difficult it is to make a decision without the direct guidance and support of a person who is your true north– yet if they’ve influenced you positively in the past, as your father did you, then their influence is within you, as I think you learned. Thought provoking post, this one.

    [ALSO, cool new comment envelop here. Me likey, how fun.]

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    • Encapsulating Wisdom by Ally Bean. Thanks for the kind words.

      Also, happy you enjoy the comment thingy. I changed the theme, based on the pencils and pens that appear between posts, as I loves the stationery. And when I scrolled down, poof! Cute envelope reply space. I’m a fan, too. I may stick with this theme for a while.

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