A to Z: Twilight

This is not about sparkly vampires of the young adult novel world. It’s about the best time of day, when the sun’s going down and the sky is changing from bright to dusk to dark, and the world starts to settle down and be quiet.


As with many things when I was much younger, I thought myself weird to be so enamored with this particular time of day. To wait all day just for it to happen, then relish in it for the fleeting time it existed.

Imagine my joy then when I found a song by a true and inspiring poetic wordsmith, Mary Chapin Carpenter, celebrating this brief yet most amazing part of the day. She thought so, too.

As spring arrives, you’ll often find me behind the wheel of my car, driving along the river, at sunset and just beyond. Often, this song plays over and over. I put the windows down, float down the road, and let the melody and the darkening sky do its thing.



This post is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My theme is Musical Memoir. Each Monday through Saturday, I explore personal memories through my love of music, inspired and coordinated by the letters of the alphabet. Join in the fun and participate in the challenge, or leave a comment and enjoy some conversation. Thanks for reading. Peace.

3 thoughts on “A to Z: Twilight

    • Mary Chapin and I focus on the late one. Dawn leads to sunny bright mornings and I think I can speak for her, too — we prefer the one that leads to darkness. 🙂


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