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Song Lyric Sunday Sundae

It’s Song Lyric Sunday and the end of week three of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. This week’s post then is an A to Z update sundae with a video for Song Lyric Sunday on top.

square1Letters A through S of Musical Memoir have been posted. Letters T through Z are written and scheduled. THANK YOU to the people who have read and commented and clicked ‘like.’ I appreciate you muchly.

After this week flew by at warp speed, I’m soooo happy that I wrote and scheduled the posts for this challenge. There’s no way, with time warping the way it seems to be, that I could have kept up with writing something daily. I’ve seen some who posted that they’ve quit the challenge for a similar reason. I will be content that I not only started, but I finished. Yay, me!

More on the challenge and all that jazz after it ends a week from tomorrow.

And now, it’s Song Lyric Sundaysong lyric sundayThis week’s theme is brother/sisterand DJ Tara’s choice comes from one of her favorite-ist bands ever.

Not only did The Hooters write catchy tunes, but they aimed to help the world, as they could without being, ya know, Bono or something. This song, Brother, Don’t You Walk Away, was a reminder to see the homeless and try to do something about the problem.

I worked for an administrator for a church and we hosted homeless families as part of a rotation among local churches. Some homeless people are addicts or have mental health issues, but a lot of them are just misfortunate, imperfect people who maybe made a wrong decision or two, or who had that one paycheck keeping them from being homeless, and then they didn’t.

You never know how the road will bend

This post is part of Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday. Read this week’s theme post here

Next Sunday will be the last combo post before we return to normal programming here at Daisy Smiley Face DOT com. Judging by how fast this past week and month have gone… wait… haven’t we already been through next week?

See you next week, when let’s do the time warp again…… let’s do the time warp again….


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