A to Z: Indigo

I don’t remember the first time I heard them. It’s like they’ve always been a part of my life.

square1 Amy and Emily at different times are me. I could write about so many Indigo Girls songs relating to me. So I choose the one that stands out, that always jumps out first if people ask me what my favorite song of theirs is: Fleet of Hope.

I, too, wondered if anything can last. I, too, wondered who could be counted on if people keep leaving or dying (or both).

After jumping all the way in once, without checking the water temperature or even if there was enough water in which to swim, a relationship ended. And for the longest time, I was content to keep my boat in the harbor, afraid to go back into the waters because that’s where the sharks swim and play. Then Emily said this to me (near the end):

When I was a girl
All of my fancy took flight
And I had this dream
Could outshine anything
Even the darkest night
Now I wait like a widow for someone to come back from sea
I’ve always known
I was waiting for me

I was, too. Luckily, I came back.

This post is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My theme is Musical Memoir. Each Monday through Saturday, I explore personal memories through my love of music, inspired and coordinated by the letters of the alphabet. Join in the fun and participate in the challenge, or leave a comment and enjoy some conversation. Thanks for reading. Peace.

2 thoughts on “A to Z: Indigo

  1. Indigo is a word that makes me happy. I like the color, I like the idea of it, I like blue jeans, and I like the Indigo Girls. Very few words can please me on so many levels, yet indigo does. I like your letter I.

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