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Alphabet Soup

Today’s unofficial letter is r for rest. It’s Sunday, the day of rest, except I usually offer a Song Lyric Sunday post after having posted DSF Weekly Rewind on Saturday. However, since I’m knee-deep… or letter G-deep… into the Blogging A to Z Challenge at this point, I’m taking today off. But you’re posting this! I know, but these kinds of post take no thought whatsoever. Ahhhhhh.


In case you’ve missed this past week, check out my A through G posts here.

Last weekend, I got all the way to N written before my brain decided it was done. Ya know, I like my theme, Musical Memoir, but the process would be much faster if I didn’t stop to listen to every song I choose and then fall down a YouTube wormhole for HOURS watching footage I haven’t seen in years, etc. Le sigh. Mental note for next year.

Next weekend, I’ll finish up the posts O through Z and schedule those. I like having things written ahead of time. It gives me more time to visit peeps, which is fun. Also fun, this challenge has awakened Muse quite a bit. She and I have had several discussions about what we will be writing in the coming weeks. Maybe she was just being a snow miser, hiding (under a blanket?) because it’s still so damn cold, but I’m happy that this mini memoir experience has made her want to write more.

Speaking of snow, I think I’ll do a lil’ website maintenance today (again, not much thought involved), starting with changing my snowy header photo. Maybe that’s the reason winter is lingering — it likes my photo and thinks that means I want it to stay. For everyone else’s sake, and ok even my own, I’ll change it to something more spring-like. Mittens in April is just wrong, people.

To non-thinking! And to resting! And to spring! And to finishing the Blogging A to Z Challenge strong, and then no longer thinking alphabetically for a while.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

3 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Yes! I’m sure that your header is why this infernal snow will not go away. I’m looking forward to reading about how thanks to this challenge muse has influenced you in new ways. Intrigued, am I.

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    1. So I changed the header and it was 80 degrees two days this week. BUT we’re expecting winter temps again tomorrow, and I haven’t changed my header back to snow. It’s not me! It’s not me! YAY! 🙂

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