A to Z: Figures

I had a Dorothy Hamill doll and her signature haircut (thanks a lot, Mom), and Dad roller skated when he was young. No wonder we watched figure skating so much.

square1 It’s like dance on ice with beautiful music. And to me there was nothing more beautiful than this 2002 skate by Michelle Kwan. So many years of training and competing, and then just missing — she won the Olympic bronze that year (she should have at least gotten the silver, says the person who’s been watching since she was little).

But the medal isn’t what matters. It’s the moments. And this moment of hers was truly gold.

The song is Fields of Gold, sung by Eva Cassidy.

This post is part of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My theme is Musical Memoir. Each Monday through Saturday, I explore personal memories through my love of music, inspired and coordinated by the letters of the alphabet. Join in the fun and participate in the challenge, or leave a comment and enjoy some conversation. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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