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#DSFWeeklyRewind: A Lil’ Bit O’ Everything

Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post for this week. So how was it?

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It was fun. And lucrative. And yay for me-y.

I started a poetry class this week.

  1. I like poetry, but often look at free verse and say, “Why is THAT a poem?”
  2. I like writer/reader types and hoped to enjoy the company of same.
  3. I like school.
  4. I’m always up for something new in the learning arena.

daisy-144677_1280‘Twas a good class. The teacher is so enthusiastic about her subject. Unfortunately, only three students (me included) signed up, but she isn’t bothered by that. We sat in a small group. We read poems and discussed what we liked about them and why. It was fun. There will be a longer post after the class ends, with pictures! And perhaps a poem of my own to share? Stay tuned. (Click here to read my favorite poem from this week and let me know if you liked it, too (and why?) in the comments.)

Most of the week is a blur of work-sleep-chores-repeat, other than the poetry class and with what happened on Thursday. On that fateful day, a part-time coworker announced she was leaving. A discussion shortly thereafter let me know I’m appreciated and am doing “beyond a great job” in my three-month-old position. I was offered more money to incorporate the leaving person’s responsibilities into my own. The next day, I countered with additional vacation days and a tool that I thought the position required. My wishes were granted leading to a Muppet flail that may have taken my weather whiplash up a notch.

  1. It’s nice to be appreciated.
  2. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
  3. The obtaining of the tool I thought I needed was probably the best part of the deal.

Re: number 3 — I am weird. If you’re new, you might not know this about me, or if you, too, are weird, you may think me normal. Anyway, the tool I thought I needed was a ScanSnap, a magical machine that allows 50 pages to be scanned at a time, relatively quickly. It also eliminates blank pages, spins upside-down pages rightside-up. It is truly amazing and it will soon be mine. As I work in a paper-heavy profession, this is!

As for the weirdness, most people would do the happy dance more for money and days off (which I did), but the MEGA happy dance came with the announcement that I’d be getting the scanner. Just another in a long line of gleeful reactions for what some would think are unusual reasons. Another example: Several years ago, I was on the phone with a boy whilst walking into Target. I ended up interrupting whatever he was blathering about with a gleeful, “Ooh! Target got new carts!”

I’m a simple, easy-to-please woman, people. Oh, the joy of little things!

Speaking of little things, as usual, this week I’m gratitudinous.

This week, I’m grateful for: awesome tech tools that make work easier; bosses who recognize that and good work; the dry wall guy with the good laugh and happy smiley eyes; the pretty paisley portfolio (folder thingy) my poetry teacher gave me and each of her students with all the poems we’re reading inside; my poetry teacher’s love of what she does; classes for existing so I can still go to school (for fun); The Voice for entertaining me with their silliness and the contestants’ talent; OnDemand for letting me watch it on any night I want; the two people who made me an official notary who officially signed two documents; and Dairy Queen for opening (finally!) and remembering I like an almost full cup of strawberries on the side to go with my Oreo Blizzard™.

This week’s Bloggy Goodness:

‘Tis the weekend! I would say at last but I haven’t had that feeling in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my days off, but it’s nice to have weeks that don’t wear me out to the point that I can’t enjoy the weekends and/or absolutely crawl and drag until weekends finally arrive. I would say it was luck (of the Irish perhaps) that has me on this trajectory, but that’s mostly not true. Yes, luck plays a part in everything, but I made this happen, mostly by the choices I’ve made. Thanks, Past Me! I think today we’ll have a Blizzard to celebrate (I’ll enjoy something green in my paycheck in a few weeks).

May you be inspired by words or music and find others who do the same. May you know your worth and celebrate that and your accomplishments. May you savor a tasty treat, the choices you make, the roads you take, and the work — and luck — that helps you get there.

Until next time, peace.


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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

12 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: A Lil’ Bit O’ Everything

  1. I’ve never thought that you were weird. I thought you were normal. I now know that this means that I am weird. What an amazing personal revelation! Thanks– and enjoy your new handy-dandy scanner. You deserve it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your Irish prayer at the end of this, your version . .

    And yes, to all the many simple things that make a life . . a life.

    And to the Holy Day . . which I will be getting a late start on, but one which will end with smiles and laughs and stories.

    Blessings and peace

    Liked by 1 person

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