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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Typical

Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post for this week. So how was it?

daisy-144677_1280The yelling has stopped. The spelling has stopped. The Super Bowl parade celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles’ super bowl win is over. Finally things will get back to normal around town. (All I kept think during all of the hullabaloo surrounding this football nonsense is that just down the street from where the celebration took place, one of the hospital/universities is finding ways to CURE CANCER. Where’s their parade?)

The sportsballers’ week may have been atypical, but mine was, again, typical. It’s unsettling, I tell ya, having one typical week after another, for, like, 7 weeks now. I’m still getting used to this. One adulting arena where drama previously ruled the roost now has just about zero, for instance, and another, well, it has drama that isn’t mine, which I choose to ignore (give yourself the gift, loves).

My word of the week(s) has been copacetic (adj.): very satisfactory; A-OK. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining and I’m not looking to stir anything up, Universe. It’s just so weird after being caught in a swirly-whirl of drama (around me, that sucked me in, despite my attempts to keep it at bay) for so long.

As is typical, I woke up this past week each day with a song in my head (happens *almost* daily). One day, it was Billy Bragg’s cover of the song Dolphins. I hadn’t heard that in some time, so I went digging through my CD books/holder thingys so I could listen to it. As I turned the pages, I pulled out other CDs I haven’t heard in some time, including this one:

I simply can’t help myself.

As a former drummer, the Latin pop… I just can’t stop dancing! The full-of-life music was a good counterbalance to not one, but TWO episodes of This Is Us. I stayed up super late after the Stupid Bowl to watch This Is Us: Super Bowl Sunday (did it live up to the hype?). Luckily, I’d recovered lost zzzzzzzs in time for Tuesday’s This Is Us: The Car. The car episode was truly inspired storytelling, which made for an enjoyable episode essentially about death and all that jazz. Just a typical day for the This Is Us writers.

As is typical, too, this week, I’m gratitudinous.

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This week, I’m grateful for: scarves and gloves; sleep, since the cold is wearing me — Ms. Winter! — out and making me nappy; Cracker Barrel’s reuben sammich; the fact that the Olympics don’t happen every year (I’m already tired of them… cross-country skiing and then shooting a target is so not a sport… … …); that the sports teams in Philly don’t win whatever their grand prize is every year; people in adulting arenas who have good senses of humor; electric pencil sharpeners; and wind.

Wind? What, I’m Beyoncé? No, but still, wind brought some joy to my lil’ world this week (another typical occurrence — the joy, not the wind). Perhaps you will enjoy the clip below as much as my inner 12-year-old did:

I know some who don’t believe this man is as bald as the day is long… Seriously. It’s amazing what you can get people to believe, eh?

I suppose I shall close with a typical quippy ending. May your weekend be typically long and atypically and spontaneously fun (my goals, peeps). Enjoy some tunes and some laughs. And if the wind catches your hair and threatens to carry you (or it) away, instead of looking like that buffoon, may you always look as fierce as Queen Bey, you know, on a typical Beyoncé day.

Until next time, peace.

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I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

7 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Typical

  1. Love your quippy ending. 🙂 That video made me giggle. Silly man.
    I wish I could watch This Is Us. I watched most of the first season and then missed a couple of episodes because we couldn’t tune in the channel (we don’t have cable and get what used to be the major networks over the air — NBC when the stars align just right which they have apparently done for the Olympics). I will probably end up binge watching it on DVD.

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  2. It amazes me that people believe anything from that man, let alone about his hair! I saw something on Facebook referring to him as the Orange Joffrey. Scarily appropriate, and very frightening… Glad your week was good, if typical. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Copacetic” is a word that my mother used often. It’s a good one. As much as I dislike looking at our so-called president, I snickered at his hair being blown asunder. [Another good word that I need to use more often.]

    Liked by 1 person

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