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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Cold As Ice

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Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post for the week ending January 5, 2018. So how was my week?

daisy-144677_1280My week is over already and I don’t know how that happened.

I fell asleep early on New Year’s Eve (and slept as well as neighbors with fireworks would allow for the first part of the night), then New Year’s Day flew by, then two work days, a snow day, and poof! It’s Friday, again. My days fly by so quickly, I have difficulty keeping up with the not one, but two page-a-day calendars I received for Christmas. You know, there’s a page for each and every day. One calendar is jokes and puns; the other is comics featuring Mutts. They’re cute and fun, but who are the people who can keep up with that page-a-day removal schedule? With me, what ends up happening is that on a day when I’m not doing much, say, a Thursday when it snows and I spend the day in my PJs, I flip through, read and rip off the pages of the days I’ve missed, then drop them all into the recycle bin. I’m considering it exercise: hold the calendar (hands and arms!), read (eyeballs!), chuckle or laugh (cardio!), rip (hands and arms again!), lean (back and hips!), and toss (arms again!). Repeat. This could be good training to improve my I Won’t Get a Paper Cut skills.

Speaking of training and skills, part of the reason the time flies is because, after work and playing Jeopardy!, I’ve been rewatching well-trained athletes on the Olympic Channel. It’s been showing the free skates, from 2002 to 2014, of all four figure skating disciplines for more than a week. Here’s some of what I’ve remembered and learned:

  • Michelle Kwan was indeed robbed in 2002. Sarah Hughes won the gold, and should have, but Michelle was light years better than Irina Slutskaya and should have won the silver, not the bronze. The judges had to make her third, though, in order for Sarah to win.  Evil political skating!
  • Evegeny Pleschenko was an annoyingly arrogant champion with mediocre artistic ability. His programs were just skate, skate, jump.
  • Certain songs should be banned for life. Seeing all these Olympics back to back makes one realize just how many skaters have used CarmenNessun Dorma, or Phantom of the Freakin’ Opera. Ban them!
  • I hate quads. All the men try to do quads (a jump with four revolutions, for the non-skating peeps). Many really can’t do them. And those who can pack their programs with them and win due to the enormous points they earn. Can those men do spins that are technically interesting and also nice to look at? Not often. it’s figure SKATING, not figure JUMPING.

Speaking of skating, the U.S. National Championships are this weekend. I hope they’re entertaining and I hope Adam Rippon wins (I’m more interested in the guys than the girls this year, which happens sometimes). This is my favorite program of his, in which he portrays an injured bird who learns to fly again:

AND! He does a better layback spin than most of the women (at 4:47). And p.s. Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir talk too much.

As the week comes to a close, it’s as cold as ice in these parts. It hath snowed, again. Hey! Mother Nature! This isn’t Buffalo, NY. We’re not used to snow every other day. I love snow, but it’s starting to get on my nerves. I have places to go! And I can’t go anywhere until The Man with the Shovel arrives due to my healing broken wrist (week 11!). I’ve done my best to solve this problem though and everyone in the northeast U.S. can rest easy now. The snow will be stopping because I have a new scarf, gloves, and a pom-pom hat. Since I’m ready to go, now it won’t happen. You’re welcome. And this weekend is to feature sub-zero wind chills. It’s like Alaska without all the having to get there. Neat!

This week’s bloggy goodness:

  • Share Your World ~ Thirteen, in which I detail why The Facts of Life made me want to go to France, why a song I’m focusing on this year gives me goosebumps, and other things;
  • Song Lyric Sunday: Sugar/Candy, in which I lament with a certain Canadian the addictive quality love can possess.

DSFWR Rearview by Me - LighterAs usual, I’m gratitudinous. (I always include gratitude in my #DSFWeeklyRewind and those who write a #DSFWeeklyRewind post must include at least one thing they’re grateful for).

This week, I’m grateful for: Chapstick; Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils to write things I want to do or need to remember in my new monthly calendar; Tater Tots, rediscovered after years of forgetting about them (sorry, Tots!); new challenges; understanding people; inspirational artistry and athletic ability (especially whilst I watch eating potato chips).

Here’s hoping you find a way to stay warm if you’re cold, cool if you’re hot, and content no matter the temp.

Until next time, peace.

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    1. I’ll save some of the comics — I glue them into my monthly paper calendar somewhere. Oh, it’s so difficult to be a stationery addict, er, lover, isn’t it? Safe trip!


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