Review of Hues and Views

You know, you can really do anything you put your mind to. I had a reminder of that through most of this year.

On September 20, 2016, I decided to do a #365Project on my Instagram. The goal: take a photo and post it every single day for a year.

Would I be able to do that?

Turns out the answer was yes… (well, except for the three days I posted pics I took the day before — Christmas Day, and two days I was sick… but I posted a pic for #Day8 twice so…)*


For a year, I took a photo every day*, usually with my phone, though sometimes I did use my DSLR old skool Canon. I took pics of food, festive events, flowers, and even things that don’t start with the letter ‘f’. Some days, I struggled to find something interesting to photograph. Some days, I also struggled with the will to do it again. But most days, I was interested in taking a shot and found one, in working on composition, and in trying to improve as well as connect with others on the app.

Recently, I found this site that shows you your top 9 photos from the year. Here are mine, from 2017 (leaving out the first four months of my challenge, but that’s OK).

best 9 photo only

Note: The bottom row are all recent photos from after my challenge officially ended. The bones, from November, were quite popular, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be breaking anything in 2018 (at least not on purpose). 

I’m not surprised that my nature shots were popular. The pink flower in the upper left corner, from July or so, got the most likes all year. The book in the middle was a bit of a surprise, but I like what it tells me — that people who follow and/or like my pics are my people. That’s nice. I’m not sure why the sunglasses hit a chord, but hey… whatevs.

Here’s the most liked photo from my Instagram #365Project — pretty pink flowers shortly after the rain:

20170605_183827 (1)


Although I enjoyed the project, once the year-long challenge ended, I put my camera and my phone down for a few weeks. I didn’t think about photography. I didn’t take any photos. I needed a break. So I learned while I can do such a challenge every day, it’s also good to take a step back and do other things, and also not to force myself to be creative in a certain way each day. This made me feel oodles better about not writing every day. I’ve never been that writer, and apparently, I’m not that photographer either (after the challenge, that is). And that’s OK.

I’m creative every day — I write, take photos, cook, tell funny stories, figure out something fun for my blog or newsletter, put together a cute outfit, sing an original composition about something simple (often, a made-up song about the dog), and more. It all depends on what I put my focus on each day — yes, I’m even punny sometimes (focus… hahahaha).

Twas fun because it was a proactive challenge, a daily inspiration to do something creative and positive, and so I’ll take that into consideration as I try to add other positive things to my days on a regular basis. Like when I try to only eat french fries once a week (perish the thought!). Instead of saying I’m giving up potato-y goodness slathered in salt, I’ll call it a healthy eating I-Love-Salad-So-Much-More challenge. Maybe that’ll make it stick… … …

(probably not).

This post is part of a limited-time-only December Lookback series of who knows how many posts, as 2017 comes to an end and 2018 begins. 


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