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Share Your World ~ Ten

Some weeks (on Mondays or Tuesdays), I shall participate in Share Your World, a weekly blog challenge some of the cool kids I know take part in. There’s no Movie Monday this week so I shall do it today!

Share Your World

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

I was going to say laundry, but I realized it doesn’t bother me that much. Then I was going to say pulling my long brown hairs that escape the hair catcher thingy in the shower from the drain, but sometimes, I use tweezers and then it’s like I’m playing an adult version of Operation, so… that doesn’t bother me. Hmmm. I guess I don’t hate doing any of them. Some I might like more than others. But if it needs to be done, I just do it. If I have to hate one, I’ll pick dusting, just because even with those the-dust-sticks-to-the-wand-like-magic thingies, the dust always comes back and is soooo obvious.

At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

When I realized I’d be able to buy tickets not only to see, but to meet k.d. lang, who I really admire. And every time I write, though I often forget that and put off writing (resistance, you know). But once I start writing and I disappear into some space and time that isn’t of this realm… I remember.

How many times have you moved in the last ten years?

*counting on fingers* 4. It sounded worse about 5 years ago — by then, I had moved 4 times in 5 years. For 4 of those 5 years, I was in the same place. I moved twice during year 1, then again in year 5.

I’ve been in the same place since 2012, but I have been and am still itching to move again. By the time I’m done all my cleanout, a simplicity project which began more than 12 years ago, I’ll probably be able to move everything I have in one big car. I love that about me. 🙂

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

I’m still feeling appreciation for my body. My fingers are starting to bend. I still can’t make a fist and my wrist doesn’t bend (the fracture on the distal radius so close to the wrist is still healing). But as the 7-week anniversary approaches, I’m in awe that I’m building bones! I’m becoming more mobile and able to type this post without even wearing my brace. The human body is an amazing thing. I’m going to take even better care of mine from now on.

This post is part of Share Your World, a weekly blog event, by Cee (click to read her post for this week, and to join in!).


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