This Is Us: Number Two

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 9, Number Two. (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!) My reviews are based on a single viewing. If I were to watch several times, as I can obsess over my favorite shows (I’m looking at you, True Detective, Season 1), I might be even more insightful (or over Randall-ing it all). But I’d rather write my initial impressions than take time dissecting after many views. So….


This episode is the second of three about The Big Three, so it’s mostly all about Kate. Kate who was pregnant, and isn’t anymore. Kate, who’s storyline I saw coming miles away (including bonding with mom over the babies they lost).

What we learned:

  • Kate lost her baby.
  • More proof of Toby’s awesomeness: stopping the delivery of the baby bath they ordered; trying to take care of Kate; speaking up when she was totally ignoring his feelings about the miscarriage.
  • Rebecca tells Teen Kate she has been waiting “with her arms open” for her daughter to come to her with a struggle/issue, if need be, and she’ll continue to do so. Twenty years later, Adult Kate fell into them, thereby finally having that moment. I’m not sure younger Rebecca would have just shown up, uninvited, and simply held her arms our for her grieving daughter. Perhaps, she couldn’t… but now she could. And now Adult Kate can fall into them whereas maybe Teen Kate couldn’t.
  • Teen Kate had musical dreams she didn’t tell anyone about, and it’s taken 20 years to even start attempting to make them come true. I think it has to do with dad’s death, yes, but I think it has a lot to do with mom, which I hope we’ll learn more about.
  • Like Teen Kevin last week, Teen Kate also saw her parents in a real person moment, after Kevin broke his leg. They were strong for the kids, but fell apart in the parking lot, proving again parents are people, too!
  • Adult Kate attempted to work through her feelings literally — she went to work mere hours after losing her baby. She also attempted to eat her feelings at a Chinese buffet, but ended up eating nothing. In the end, she felt her feelings, with mom and with Toby. Well, kid, the only way out is through, you know.
  • Kate and Toby are going to try again to become parents, in time. This Pearson believes!

Chrissy Metz did a really good job this week. Ku-DOS (said a la Juno).

3 stars out of 4 for a episode focusing solely on Kate, with dashes of Toby awesomeness (it’s only flaw: not enough Jack). What will Randall’s episode earn next week?

What say you?

Tune in here after the next episode for another This Is Us: Review for You. Read all of my reviews for this season here.

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