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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Brief Bits

Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post this week! I hope you’ll join in the fun! #DSFWeeklyRewind is a weekly linkup for Twitterites and other bloggers who want to share their week, perhaps with a dash of creativity, and some gratitude. Join us! And invite your friends! Guidelines here.

So how was my week?

DSFWR Rearview by Me - LighterFeeling:  Grateful.

My week was pretty good. Same old, in many respects. On Thursday, though, the winds were howling, spinning crunchy leaves in circles. I think they finally took the last remnants of warmth and, unfortunately, Autumn’s (limited) color with it.

I also took it as a sign, as some changes began picking up their swirl around me this week. We’ll see where the wind takes me (guiding my sails as much as I can, you know, too). Yes, I hate vague posts and tweets, but sometimes, that’s all one can do in the moment.

On Wednesday, I celebrated my 4-week Injur-versary! Only a few more weeks to go until I’m, hopefully, healed. Hey, did you hear? Carrie Underwood broke her wrist this week — all the cool kids are doing it. She didn’t do it taking a Louisville slugger to both headlights (at least I don’t think so). Apparently, she fell down some steps at home. Me, as you know, I was roller skating, but also hero-ing as I chose not to take out two little girls with my velocity. No sword to fall on so I just used my wrist instead. Ha.

My world sort of revolves around my wrist healing at the moment — the struggle of getting dressed (though I’m getting better at it), the opening of doors whilst carrying my big bag, all with the same arm, etc. I type a little, as instructed. After a bit, a sleepy tendon or ligament goes, “What the hell happened? Where have I been? Why can’t she stretch me and my arm out the way I want her to?” Thursday, Thumb-y decided to participate in the typing for the first time by tapping the space bar once, without me even having to ask!

When I’m not typing a little or practicing making a fist, also as instructed, and only about a third of the way so far, I watch Jeopardy! (Tournament of Champions!), and This Is Us (latest review here), and In the Kitchen with David (QVC), and play around on Instagram.

One of the best benefits of being broken for a bit — I have allowed myself to become and fully enjoy being a vegetable after working hours and on the weekends. Rest is the name of the game and I excel at it, let me tell you. I don’t think I’ve mastered it yet, though, so I’ll practice more this weekend.

Here’s to a peaceful weekend, and a great week next week. May you enjoy being lazy in your time off, if you so choose (broken wrist not required).

Until next time, peace.

P.S. There won’t be a #DSFWeeklyRewind post next week, November 24, due to the American Thanksgiving holiday — four-day weekend for me! Woo hoo!. Enjoy your holiday, my fellow Americans! Everybody else, enjoy your Friday!

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DSFWR Rearview by Me - Lighter



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5 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Brief Bits

  1. Glad to hear your wrist is healing and that you’re getting along okay with the restrictions the healing imposes on you. 🙂
    I’ve been enjoying the Tournament of Champions, too. Can’t decide who to root for. I like all three of the guys.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Robin. It’s all in the thinking. I’m not restricted and trapped in this cast! I’m a recovering Jedi (or Klingon) with cool arm armor who has to wrap herself in a blanket and relax a lot as part of my training. 🙂

      I couldn’t decide who to root for either. I would have been happy if any of the three finalists won. It was a great tournament this year.


  2. Wow, has it been 4 weeks? Time flies.. Hope the wind in your sails takes you somewhere awesome! I’ve been working on trying to look at life as more of an adventure and not worry so much about the unknown. Have a restful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? And it truly has. The first few days were hard, with the pain, but after that, even with some aches and anxiety and what’s going to happen next, etc., I can’t believe how fast this month has gone!

      Uncertainty and I have become better friends through the years so I’m with you on that. 🙂

      Hope you had a good weekend and a great week! I’m not posting next Friday, but hope to see you in the Rewind again the week of December 1. 🙂


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