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#DSFWeeklyRewind: Runnin’ on Dunkin’

Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post this week! I hope you’ll join in the fun! So how was my week?

DSFWR Rearview by Me - LighterFeeling: reflective (hence this #DSFWeeklyRewind photo this week… more at the end if you want to grab one for YOUR post).

Early in the week, I was told I’d been very good by Dr. Ortho, and that my wrist is healing nicely (read about my Dr. Ortho adventure in Thursday Doors: Doctor Doors). This week was my 3-week Injur-versary. I had donuts to celebrate. OK, I had donuts just because (and twice, neither time was the anniversary date of my injury).

I return to Dr. Ortho in 3 weeks. Until then, my homework is to practice making a fist. That’s a struggle, let me tell you. Fortunately, I can still make the peace sign, and that’s always been more my speed anyway.

Also, some of you may be aware, but no one tells me these things — after three weeks, even with never getting the damn thing wet, my cast was stinky! Like Hooper doing an autopsy on the not-Jaws shark on the dock in Jaws smelly. I was allowed to remove and clean it (it’s removable), and my odor just about knocked me over. Me, she who’s usually smelling like a daisy, now smelling like the fertilizer they’re planted in.

Prior to this odorous episode, I realized — though I felt better that Dr. Ortho said I’m doing well after 3 weeks, this really is just getting started. Weeks of a cast. Weeks of stiffness. Weeks of lovingly lathering lotion on my now super-dry skin. Who knows how much physical therapy. Months until my wrist feels like it once did. Of course it won’t be the same by definition — it broke! So philosophical!

These are the thoughts that were so rudely interrupted by “What’s that smell? It’s ME!”

In case you’re wondering, I now smell like wild berries.

As usual, though, I’m still singing. Even in the moments when I hurt or I’m just tired of wearing my Jedi arm protector, not too much time passes before I’m back to myself.

I’ve been an “It could have been much worse” person for a long time. And in a year, it’ll be “remember last year when I broke my wrist roller skating and my cast smell made you wonder if there was a farm in the living room?”

In other news, Autumn arrived, finally, last weekend, but today, we’re getting a glimpse of winter. I don’t mind — I like the cold. And the snow — maybe this year, we’ll actually get some. I celebrated the end of Daylight Saving Time last weekend by spending my extra hour reading. Also, this week, I’m competing in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, you know, from the couch. I’m sucking, BIG TIME. They must have made the questions harder for all of those smarties.

Speaking of smarties, I’m grateful my wrist and hand aren’t smarting. Lame segue! I’m also grateful for my sense of humor. I’m super happy it’s Friday. And I’m happy that my wrist is healing.

The curtain’s coming down on another week. The weekend intermission will soon be here. I can neither confirm nor deny that a chocolate glazed donut was consumed during the writing of this post to celebrate that (or really just because they’re tasty).

Here’s to a peaceful weekend, and a great week next week. May you always smell delightful, heal well whatever needs healing, allow yourself the simple pleasure of some tasty treat, and always, always, celebrate the light.

Until next time, peace.

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DSFWR Rearview by Me - Lighter



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7 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Runnin’ on Dunkin’

  1. Glad to hear your on the mend.. I’ve never had one but I’ve heard that casts can get whiffy. I’d have loved to spend my extra hour reading! I just got a new book in the mail today too, and it’s way longer that I expected it to be. Come on by for coffee!

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  2. Yes! Same here, especially since I’ve learned you don’t need sun to make sun tea, it steeps on its own! 🙂 I bought You Know They’re Here, by Paul J. Kenyon. It’s about the Hinsdale House in western New York.

    Liked by 1 person

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