This Is Us: The Most Disappointed Man

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 7, The Most Disappointed Man.. (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!) My reviews are based on a single viewing. If I were to watch several times, as I can obsess over my favorite shows (I’m looking at you, True Detective, Season 1), I might be even more insightful (or over Randall-ing it all). But I’d rather write my initial impressions than take time dissecting after many views. So….


The Good
1) Week 7 of I still like these people and want to know their story(ies).

2) Randall! I so repeat myself every week, but he’s awesome. Even baby Randall at the family photo shoot was the most expressive. I love how he handles Deja’s feelings, and also how he tries to be cooler than he is (at the jail her mom is in, she asks if he has seen handcuffs on TV or real life, and he first says in person, the begrudgingly “on TV”).

3) Nice to see William again. And all you need is one person to truly see you and encourage you. True story.

4) Toby making sure that Kate has an awesome wedding because she deserves it and because she really can live fully without her dad.

The Not So Good

1) Kevin. The drug addiction story, the whining, the treating Sophie so poorly. Tired of Kevin (guess he’s my new Rebecca).

2) Too much jammed into an episode again. The adoption day story could have had more impact, for instance, if it wasn’t seemingly shoved into this week.

I’m Randalling 2 stars out of 4. Not enough Jack. Too much of everything under the sun in one episode. I still love you, Pearsons… but pick up your game. Don’t make me the most disappointed woman…

What say you?

Tune in here after the next episode for another This Is Us: Review for You. Read all of my reviews for this season here.

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