This Is Us: The 20s

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 6, The 20s. (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!) My reviews are based on a single viewing. If I were to watch several times, as I can obsess over my favorite shows (I’m looking at you, True Detective, Season 1), I might be even more insightful (or over Randall-ing it all). But I’d rather write my initial impressions than take time dissecting after many views. So….


The Good
1) Week 6 of I still like these people and want to know their story(ies). Also renewed excitement — last night was really good.

2) Randall! I so love this character. He played anxiety so well. 20s Randall telling his tale of his breakdown and being scared about being a dad (i.e., not being able to control much) to the ceiling fan guy. Naming his daughter after the ceiling fan name! And little Randall making a map to get the best candy before they ran out at each house. Sure, that was anxiety, too, but also cute.

2a) The humor throughout the episode. Randall referencing the ceiling fan sales guy’s turban and Eastern philosophy, and the guy deadpans: “East Trenton.” And even Rebecca, during her monologue at the end, saying the baby will be the cutest baby named after a ceiling fan.

3) Rebecca! Welcome to The Good. I actually liked her this week. Her monologue at the end was great.

3a)  The time warping, used amazingly again, finally in this episode. New beginnings where other new beginnings and endings had happened. And it seemed like all the Pearsons were stuck in a holding pattern after Jack’s death.

4) 20s Kate, and learning that all those years after Jack died, she sat and ate while staring at the spot where the house used to be.

5) Kevin and Kate. All brothers and sisters should be so good to each other.

The Not So Good

1) It was a bit slow in the beginning, but everything came together quite nicely.

Random Thoughts

We now know Rebecca and Miguel reconnected 8 years after Jack died (through the godforesaken Facebook).

Tess’ birth seemed to help all of the Pearsons end the mourning chapter and try to move on, for real.

I’m Randalling 3 stars out of 4. Great acting, great story- and time-weaving. The Pearsons Halloween episode was no trick, only a great treat.

What say you?

Tune in here after the next episode for another This Is Us: Review for You. Read all of my reviews for this season here.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Us: The 20s”

  1. I’ve been wondering all of this time how Rebecca and Miguel got together after Jack’s death. I was a little surprised (and annoyed) that it was through facebook.

    The interaction between Randall and the ceiling fan salesman was awesome. And I absolutely loved Randall’s halloween candy map. Such an interesting character.

    I agree, Rebecca was better this week. I actually liked her monologue at the end.

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