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#DSFWeeklyRewind: This Too Shall Pass

Welcome to my #DSFWeeklyRewind post this week! I’ll hope you’ll join in the fun! So how was my week? I anxiety-spinned, I rested, I attempted normalcy and failed. I slept from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Friday after being up most of the night, so I’m a bit tardy. Full week, eh?

I’ve been in a hard cast since Monday. It’s a cool 21st century one, see? Apparently, from what I’ve read, it’s popular with snowboarders. This is the closest I’ll get to snowboarding, for sure.

I spent the week getting used to this, and to one-handed typing. I’m pretty quick, so that’s good. I’m also a huge worry wart — is it too tight? Should my fingers still be swollen? Did that one time I forgot and tried to pull up my pants on my left side with my casted left hand count as “lifting” or “carrying,” which I’m not supposed to do? I’m getting a lot of practice with my deep breathing, that’s for sure. I’m also finding that muscles I didn’t know I had hurt. It’s been one huge anatomy/medicine lesson for me this week. And I’m starting to hate the Internet since there’s just so much info to look up there.

The main battle has been a continuing one: slowing down, and not feeling bad about it. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but the cast moved me to turtle speed. Me no likee. That also created more worry: when can I feel OK enough to go to work (had some side effects from pain meds)? When will I be able to work correctly again?

All that uncertainty (cast procedure, news from doctor), plus my own anxiety kicked up 10 notches… it’s been a long week.

On Sunday, I was playing music and heard Vienna by Billy Joel pop up on Pandora. It has been running through my head all week, as I struggle, succeed, struggle some more. I’ll get where I’m going. The world isn’t going anywhere. My Vienna’s out there waiting (his dad told him during a trip there, after seeing an old woman sweeping, that she’s still useful, life goes on and on, etc.).

And so, after pushing, and trying to be my old self — who I have literally broken away from — I became sick, too, and was forced to stop.

No more worries. Vienna waits for you…

*That version is from a long-deceased TV show called Smash, all about Broadway and theater people. I miss it!

Bloggy Goodness: my weekly This Is Us review. Did you see and agree?

This week, I’m grateful to be able to spin, that is, that my mind is working. I’m grateful for the coworker who brought me a chocolate croissant and came to work early to open the door for me (on the one day I felt OK or not sick enough to attempt work).

I’m grateful for my mom offering to do whatever and telling me to stop being so independent.

I’m grateful for the wisdom of my dead relatives: it’s only money; you have nothing without your health; consider the source (long story not worth telling); C work is good enough sometimes; and this too shall pass.

With that, I pass off to you. Here’s to a peaceful weekend, and a great week next week. May you take all the time you need, take care of yourself, and remember Vienna waits for you.

Until next time, peace.

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15 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: This Too Shall Pass

  1. Wow, typing with one hand! That just made me realize how keyboard dependent I am.. Sorry for the anxiety – hope you’re back to normal soon. This has to have thrown you for a loop..

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  2. Oh Tara, I’m sorry this happened to you. I get how difficult it is to slow down so that you can heal. I agree with your mom that you’re going to need to get comfortable with being dependent for a few weeks [months?] until you get your groovy cool cast off your wrist. If nothing else you’ll have lots of good blog fodder as you live your days with Casty McCasterton. Take care, enjoy what you can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ally. I’m getting practice at being dependent and, always the good student, I’m improving. Should be weeks not months for the cast, but then I’ll wear a brace to protect it for a time. Casty likes the name you have given him. He likes that better than the person who said he looked like Borg parts (from Star Trek: The Next Generation).

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  3. That cast looks almost sci-fi in nature. Something from the future when we become part machine. 😉 It’s not always easy to take in those lessons and wisdoms from the past. I hope this next week is easier for you.
    I loved Smash and was sorry to see it go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m telling my younger nephews and nieces I’m becoming bionic or I injured myself during Jedi training. 🙂 No, it’s not easy, but I’m listening (reluctantly…. ) Thanks for the good wish. And I miss Smash, too.


  4. Hi Tara, found your blog on Trent’s World…we both did the Weekend Coffee Share on Part-Time MOnster’s blog for years, guess she recently took it down. I may not post to your feature right away because, like you, I am in anxiety phase in my busy Fall semester (part time lecturer at a university). I always post for the Weekly photo challenge since I love photography, so I hope to link to your feature soon! Sorry to read about your left hand in a cast…I fell in August, simply walking my dogs, onto my right hand, which broke a small bone. I didn’t need a cast, just a stiff brace, but with pain and other issues, August was a horrible month, all the while prepping for three university courses…luckily I could still type, but it was not pretty. Helplessness doesn’t look good on busy bloggers/writers 😦 Looking forward to reading more!

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    1. Thanks for visiting. Join if/when you can. All are welcome, especially if they want to be creative and/or share their gratitude. Sorry about your injury, It’s no fun, for sure. But I’m finding the bright side again, as I always do. Looking forward to visiting with you where you are/seeing you here.

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  5. I’m sorry you have had a week of anxiety. Injury can really throw us for a loop and learning to slow down can be very difficult. You are doing so well. I’m glad to hear you will only have the cast for weeks (as super cool as that cast is). This too shall pass!

    P.S. I also loved Smash.

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