This Is Us: Brothers

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 5, Brothers. (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!) My reviews are based on a single viewing. If I were to watch several times, as I can obsess over my favorite shows (I’m looking at you, True Detective, Season 1), I might be even more insightful (or over Randall-ing it all). But I’d rather write my initial impressions than take time dissecting after many views. So….

The Good
1) Week 5 of I still like these people (except Rebecca) and want to know their story(ies).

2) Randall! The Star Trek reference! The trying so hard to not try so hard with Deja, and then seeing that pay off when she opened up to him a bit.

2a) Twas nice to see young Kevin finally start appreciating Randall on the boys’ camping trip with Jack. That explains how Kevin could ride to Randall’s rescue last season, a favor it looks like will have to be returned this season. Randall senses something’s not right with Kevin…

3) Tobias, as Kate called him this week, and his charming personality, so much so that I will overlook the fact that his happy song is Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & the Blowfish.

4) Kate’s fears about her pregnancy. Chrissy’s a good actress.

5) Jack. The onion layers are flying off each week. He had a brother! He was in Vietnam with him! And blowing off his dying dad… good for you, Jack.

The Not So Good

1) I feel like they’re pushing stories forward too fast and then this season doesn’t feel as atmospheric as last season. I might be spoiled by last season’s slow burn.

1a) Every character doesn’t have to be in each episode. That didn’t happen last year, I think. Y’all have been renewed through season 3. What’s the rush?

2)  Rebecca going to see Jack’s dad, with young Kate — she tells him that Jack is awesome despite Jack Dad being a jerk. I kinda remember Jack telling Rebecca, when the kids were teens, that his life before her was not good. So I was surprised she said that to him. Maybe Jack told her a little but about growing up, when the kids were little. That just felt out of time for me.

I’m Randalling 2 stars out of 4, again, for the love I still have for these people, but the disappointment that this episode just didn’t live up to what I’m used to with these fine folks, again. I’m spoiled, by past Pearsons (season 1). Will future Pearsons earn a 3 or 4? Time (shifts) will tell.

What say you?

Tune in here after the next episode for another This Is Us: Review for You. Read all of my reviews for this season here.


  1. I was so surprised at the revelation at the end about Jack’s brother. And Milo’s acting in the scene when he finds out about his dad’s impending death is superb.

    I so hope everything goes smoothly with Kate’s pregnancy.

    I was so embarrassed for Sophie when Kevin let her down at the gala. I felt like it was a glimpse into the point where their marriage went South.

    I also think they’re rushing things this season. Like you said, it feels like they are trying to cram too much storyline into each episode.

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