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a look back at the week past, through a creative lens, and with gratitude.

It’s new! It’s fun (well, I hope you’ll enjoy it). It’s DSF Weekly Rewind!

I like connecting with people virtually (and otherwise), so I decided to create a weekly linkup. I liked the idea of catching up on what’s going on in people’s lives, but a creative twist might be fun.

I always have a song, lyric, poem, or book passage in my head. I find movie quotes emerging from my lips during life events, big and small (I speak fluent movie). And I’m a writer. I love words and being creative and, so smush it all together, and I arrived at DSF Weekly Rewind!

Ok, Rewinders (that’s you!). The deets (as the kids say), otherwise known as the details:

Each week (or as often as you’d like to connect with everyone), write a post looking back at — rewinding, if you will — the previous week.

Every day, you’re making the mix tape of your life (for you millennials, that’s tunes you really like, that express how you feel in a particular moment in time, one would record onto a thing called a cassette… which is… nevermind… … … it’s like a playlist! That’s it — in your lingo! A playlist!).

Each week, each moment, you’re writing your life story.

Things to consider:
–Would you go back and repeat any of the week?
–What did you want to fast forward through?
–What would you replay / redo / experience over and over?

Also be creative, if you feel so inclined:
–Is there a song, a poem, a book, a movie (quote or entire flick), or some other creative thing that could describe this week, something that happened, a moment, your world?
–Did you feel like a certain character or did you wish you were in another world like the ones tucked inside songs, movies, and/or books?

Now, these are just general things to play around with. You by no means have to incorporate all, some, or in fact any of these. I just know that I’ve had the experience where I’ve thought, “That was a Jaws kind of day… and I’m Quint” (bad day, obviously… … … but ya know, on some days, I’m Brody… YEAH!). So I thought maybe some of you might enjoy playing around a bit with this whilst regaling us with the tale of your week as well.

While the creativity isn’t required, there is one requirement to participate: You have to mention (at least) one thing you’re grateful for. There’s so much negativity in the world and you may have noticed I’m an optimistic happy kind of gal (not that I don’t have my Quint, er, bad days as well). But I believe if we all find one thing — any thing — to be grateful for, even on those worst of days / weeks / months / years, we’ll all be better off, and so will the world. So if you’d like to take part in #DSFWeeklyRewind, I ask that you at least do that.

There are no guidelines for posts — write prose, poetry, or a letter, post a photo with a bit of an explanation, or just simply write what happened in your week including at least your one grateful item. Then add your link to the linkup by commenting on my post each week with the link to yours (or ping back if you’re on

Don’t forget to tag your posts #DSFWeeklyRewind on The Twitter. I’ll be retweeting your links. If you post a link in the linkup, I’ll also be stopping by to visit. I encourage you to visit other Rewinders, too.

Happy writing! Happy creating! Happy weeks! Happy sharing!

…I better stop before I pull a Happy hamstring.

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