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Week In Review and News, Too, Two

Tis the weekend! As I said last weekend, I would normally participate in the WeekendCoffeeShare, which some are still apparently trying to do, but our lovely host is MIA for the past few weeks and it looks like still today. I’m all for time away from tech and writing, but I like connecting each week with people. So I’ll write a lil’ post for the weekend, like I do. And it includes an update on last week’s wee announcement!

I’ll start with the news update: if you read last week, you may remember that I miss visiting with everybody in a conveniently located way to find them all each week, so I’m creating a blog linkup. It’s #DSFWeeklyRewind and it starts on Friday. A friend pointed out that the first day is Friday-The-Thirteenth, which I hadn’t even noticed, but I like black cats, so we’ll go with that’s a lucky day! #DSFWeeklyRewind’s linkup opens at noon (ET) on Fridays.  The linkup will close at midnight (ET) on Sundays.

I’ll write a sticky post with some fun guidelines and all that jazz. In the meantime, please follow @DSFWeeklyRewind on The Twitter (only doing Twitter — I’m not on Facebook). If you tag your tweets with the fancy handle and/or the hashtag each week, I’ll retweet your posts on The Twitter.

I hope you’ll join in! I’ve visited with some of you these past few weeks, but not all. I know it’s easier if we’re all linked in one place, so I hope that my linkup will be helpful in that regard and also lots o’ fun! I’ll reveal all on Friday, but in the meantime, here’s one fun thing (I’m working on others) for all you rewinders:

I found this picture at Pixabay. There are so many talented people posting work for free there. Of course, I leave a “tip” — because I can’t make some of these types of images (yet) and it’s a great help.

So this week… This week was my vacation. I did what I wanted to do, spent a lot of time alone and indoors (that’s Introvert Me calling the shots) and not traveling too far (that’s Anxiety trying to control). I visited a museum I’d never been to, and other things, which I’ll write about in time. But summer reared its ugly head. I spent a little time outside, but eventually retreated. Too many bugs trying to dine on me and too much humidity for me to stand it. Here’s a photo from me, outside!

Near… far… #nature #Autumn #trees #clouds

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One particular inside thing I enjoyed (in addition to the museum) is The Empath’s Survival Guide online class I’m taking, part of the mental school work I’m doing this fall. Things popped up this week, for writing and also just for processing, that let me know I’m on the right track and doing what I need to do, to get where I want to be.

I also blogged! My inaugural Song Lyric Sunday: That Particular Time connected me to some new fun people (and let me listen to one of my favorite Alanis Morissette songs over and over). Wednesday’s review of This Is Us: Flaws and All had me contemplating whether week 2 was as good as week 1. Then, I made my triumphant return — Thursday Doors: Reopen. The door I posted goes with the theme of self-investigation for this Autumn. The fun people of Thursday Doors were very welcoming upon my return, which was so nice.

Two more days of vacation and whatever I want… or nothing at all. Hey, if I decide to do nothing, could one of you let me know when I’m done?

Until next time… peace.


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

7 thoughts on “Week In Review and News, Too, Two

  1. the images aren’t loading on your post, they did so when you weren’t on WordPress, maybe it’s my computer (I have been having strange things happening with PDFs across devices, some not even mine)…
    I will try to join in this week. I wanted to do a coffee share, but it’s not the same without a host…
    WP let me know that I could not follow you as I was already doing so, I guess you have to give it some time to import all of your contacts.
    Oh and add your twitter handle to your sharing buttons it’s in: my site (on the top left)–> configure –> sharing –> the second tab “sharing buttons” –> bottom left
    Have a great week, and I have to reply to your email, I will have you on both dates 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for all the info, Solveig! It turns out that apparently, my followers were brought over by the Happy Engineers at WordPress that I contacted. I’ll post something soon and I may ask if it shows up in your feed.

      Thanks for the Twitter handle info. I’ll do that, as soon as I can today.

      Looking forward to participating in the Advent calendar. Both dates? YAY!

      You have a great week, too.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. YAY! I need the boost.

          Because my previous host, who shant be named.. *cough* godaddy *cough* kept telling me I was getting close to my limit for something or other, and also comments don’t show up as an option on posts in the reader unless you’re hosted through It’s about the same price and I get more gb for storage and the comment option in reader so I thought it was a win!


    2. It looks like all of my photos didn’t transfer. I’ll fix that for posts going forward and maybe some in the past. Thanks for letting me know. It’s not you, it’s me. 🙂 Oh, I added my twitter handle. Your instructions were perfect.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I think you should. Super easy to follow where you were leading me there.

          Perhaps. If it’s not too many, I’ll just upload again or make new ones (like with today’s Share Your World… hope you can see that world pic). I wanted to clean out my media anyway. 🙂 But the Happiness Engineers rock. And I love their name!


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