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Song Lyric Sunday: That Particular Time

Music is part of my daily life. I sing every day. I’m always listening and/or dancing to something. So when I found Song Lyric Sunday, I just had to participate! Today, my first post: That Particular Time, an amazing emotionally raw and authentic song by Alanis Morissette.

I didn’t discover this song until after I went through the exact same thing, months after my divorce was final. The time frames she mentions are shorter than my struggles through this, but the experience was the same. Choosing to put yourself first can be a difficult thing for some (and definitely was for me). Finding this song, which told me she went through a similar situation, too, as I’m sure many people have, made me feel less alone during one of the most alone times of my life. It also made me appreciate the courage I had, which I didn’t know that’s what is was at the time. It also reminded me of a lesson that took some time to stick: that self love and self care are most important.

I’m grateful I went through it, so I could solidify that in my brain. And I’m so grateful I found myself again…

That Particular Time (lyrics from Google Play Music)

My foundation was rocked my tried and true way to deal was to vanish
My departures were old I stood in the room shaking in my boots
At that particular time love had challenged me to stay
At that particular moment I knew not run away again
That particular month I was ready to investigate with you
At that particular time

We thought a break would be good for four months we sat and vacillated
We thought a small time apart would clear up the doubts that were abounding
At that particular time love encouraged me to wait
At that particular moment it helped me to be patient
That particular month we needed time to marinate in what “us” meant

I’ve always wanted for you what you’ve wanted for yourself
And yet I wanted to save us high water or hell
And I kept on ignoring the ambivalence you felt
And in the meantime I lost myself
In the meantime I lost myself
I’m sorry I lost myself, I am

You knew you needed more time time spent alone with no distraction
You felt you needed to fly solo and high to define what you wanted
At that particular love encouraged me to leave
At that particular moment I knew staying with you meant deserting me
That particular month was harder than you’d believe but I still left
At that particular time

Written by Alanis Morissette • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

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11 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: That Particular Time

    1. That she does. I haven’t followed her more recent musical endeavors, but this one was on Under Rug Swept from 2002. I hadn’t enveloped the entire album until later, including finding this song in 2007. Now, it’s one of my favorites.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  1. I hadn’t heard this one before, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of her songs in the past. She has a way of relating all the feelings that people are going through, but just can’t put into words themselves. Wonderful choice! 🙂


  2. I hadn’t heard this one before either, but it is very raw and very true of this type of situation. I’m sorry for the struggles you’ve had, but I’m happy you found that putting yourself first isn’t always selfish. It’s necessary, in fact. Thanks so much for playing along! I hope to see more. ❤


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