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Week in Review and News, Too

Tis the weekend! I would normally participate in the WeekendCoffeeShare, which some are still apparently trying to do, but our lovely host is MIA for the past few weeks and it looks like still today. I’m all for time away from tech and writing, but I like connecting each week with people. So I’ll write a lil’ post for the weekend, like I do. And it includes a wee announcement!

This week was the week before my vacation. So you know what that means — it was like a YEAR long. But it finally ended and here I am! Of course, with so many hours of I Don’t Have to Be At Work to fill, there will be MANY fun things to do. I’m kind of leaving it open. I’ve researched locations to visit, but what I do each day will depend on how I feel when I get up, nowhere near 7 a.m. each day, thank you very much. In preparation for whatever road trip I ended up taking, I made sure Blue Tootie (that’s my car, for any newbies) has fresh oil and properly inflated tires. My EZ pass also is reloaded, just in case I cross a bridge or two.

After fleeing work with glee (I believe I actually skipped down the walkway to the parking lot), my vacation began with my favorite dinner: Heartburn, also known as Buffalo chicken dip on Tostitos Scoops, cucumbers on the side, and with an antacid chaser. Delish. Saturday morning found me lounging lazily in bed until I damn well felt like getting up, and now, here I am.

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What else happened this week? Well, I wrote a little bit. Now to visit that writing often and see if I can make it into something more. I also rejoiced in the return of one of, like, three shows I watch on TV: This Is Us. Prior to the new season beginning, I opined about why I love it in Tuesday’s Post, This Is… What I’ve Been Waiting For. Then I reviewed Season 2, Episode 1 on Wednesday in Papa Pearson Perishes (a known fact from season 1… BUT! There are spoilers in the review, FYI). Regarding TV, I also watched the return of Will & Grace. Twas amusing and a nice escape from the world for 30 minutes. It’s cheaper than therapy so… I’ll probably watch it again sometime this season (it’s not Sit Down At the Exact Time It Starts Each Week for me, like This Is Us is, though).

This week, I also decided that I like visiting with people, you know, weekly, and miss that, so I’m creating a blog linkup that will start when I’m fully back from vacation. It’s called #DSFWeeklyRewind. It has its own hashtag (see previous sentence) and also its own Twitter account, conveniently titled @DSFWeeklyRewind. I’m solidifying my  ideas for this blog hop — how it’ll be fun and cute and different from others I’ve seen/participated in. I’ll hope you’ll join in when the linkup link goes live at noon (ET), Friday, October 13! More details to come!

If you missed the end of my Instagram #365Project, you can view that here. I’ve only added one new photo since it ended, but more will be popping up again soon. I’m also working on a post about the experience — that post is marinating in the back left quadrant of my writer brain as we speak.

Anyhoo, it’s time to continue on with my vacation. What on earth shall I do with myself today? … Let’s see where the wind takes me.

Until next time… peace.

P.S. I’m writing a review each Wednesday morning after the previous night’s new episode of This Is Us. I’ll also be live tweeting each episode on Tuesday nights @TaraDSF. Join in the fun!


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10 thoughts on “Week in Review and News, Too

  1. Have a wonderful vacation!! Everything about it sounds awesome so far, including the heartburn.. I was wondering what happened to the Weekend Coffee Share, hope she is OK. Happy to hear you’ll be starting a new linkup! I too look forward to sharing my will with you all.. Enjoy your time off!!


    1. Thanks, Kathleen. I’m sure she’ll be back one day. She tweeted something about not being able to write since the campaign and now with 45 being 45 and all….. Thanks! Happy to hear you’re happy I’ll be starting a new linkup! October 13. Deets to come! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have a great week, made better by your good wishes.


    1. Well, I’d invite you along on my vacay, but it’s a solitudinous one this time. You should take one, though, after all those renovations and all. 🙂 Thanks! I hope the blog hop will be fun. I hadn’t even noticed Oct. 13 was FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! AGH!


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