This Is Us: Papa Pearson Perishes

Welcome to my weekly review of This Is Us. Today: Season 2, Episode 1, “A Father’s Advice.” (The reviews will include spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know what happens!)

The Good
1) Oh, how nice it was to see William again. I knew we would, but after his departure last season… sigh. Hi, William. I loved the use of his poem throughout the episode. The dads were present in this one. But we’ll get back to that.

2) Oh, how I love me some Toby and Kevin. Their banter — it’s like they could be brothers! Of course, they’re not. And the brother-sister thing with Kate and Kevin really got on Toby’s nerves. If you’ve ever been in a situation with a family that won’t back off, you know how real that scenario felt. Luckily, though, Kevin understands that he can’t be the main man in Kate’s life anymore. We’ll see if he follows through, and if Kate will let him, too.

3) Randall is so Randall. And Beth, well, she came up with the most perfect solution to Randall’s wanting to adopt: get an older kid who really needs somebody. I love that. I hope that storyline plays out.

4) Papa Pearson is an alcoholic, but he’s a drunk that we like. Oh, complex people! Those sneaky writers, making us like him and all, then giving him a major problem, hinted at previously, but now full-blown known.

5) The final scenes. The rapidity, moving back and forth between kids and mom. The kids — Teen Kate did such an amazing job in that scene! The questions: Kevin’s in a cast. Kate’s holding a dog. And the house. The burned out house. Poor Papa Pearson. After seeing that, I flashed back to present-day Kate trying to blow out a sparkler on Toby’s birthday cake for her, and a spark flying off and hitting Toby. Foreshadowing? Did Kate really cause her dad’s death, in a similar way, as she said in season 1? *A few days later thought: Perhaps Kate thought Kevin-in-a-leg-cast was still in the house and she told her Dad, who then tried to save him, but couldn’t find him, because he wasn’t in the house… … …

The Not So Good
1) I may be a party of one, but I find Rebecca annoying. That started toward the end of last season and continued in the first episode of season 2.

2) TOO MANY COMMERCIALS. I get that This Is Us is popular, therefore a cash-making machine for NBC. But every time the momentum started, they’d cut to a commercial.

It was a good start. I’ll give the episode 3 stars out of 4. I’m still eager to see where all of these people are going, and where they came from, who they are, how they got that way, and who’ll they’ll become. But with this much drama, I, like Beth and Randall, may have to take up fake smoking, too.

What about you?

Tune in here after the next episode for another This Is Us: Review for You. And follow me on Twitter @TaraDSF as I live tweet all the episodes from now on.


  1. I didn’t get a chance to see the show, so I appreciate your review. If NBC starts to put too many commercials in the show, I’ll never watch it when it first airs. Although, thinking about it, I watched the first season as a summer binge, so I may do the same thing with season 2.



    1. I’m thinking I might do the same, though that would make it difficult to review every week, eh? 🙂 I’m so used to HBO and other things with no commercials, or On Demand with limited commercials… They make it really difficult to watch first-run popular shows. *sigh*



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