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This week: Brief Epistles ~ September Edition


  • Dear Reader:

I promise the Brief Epistles break, again two to three months, won’t happen again.


She who can’t get over how time flies


  • Dear High School:

Thank you for taking my off-the-chart English placement score and turning that into “You should take Latin.”


She who knows time flies is Tempus Fugit in that ancient language


  • Dear New Jersey:

Thank you for making me think of fuggeddaboutit every time I see fugit in Latin.


She who wouldn’t know this if she didn’t grow up in Pennsylvania because she doesn’t like mobster movies and apparently, in that world, they all say that word, from what I’ve heard


  • Dear Car Locked Sound:

Have you always been this loud and I never noticed? I have to beep you from a distance because if I’m too close, it actually hurts my ears.


She who doesn’t want to wear headphones or earplugs to make sure the car doors are locked whilst walking from the car to the door



  • Dear Person With the Super Squeaky Door:

WD-40. STAT.

With love,

She who likes quiet and doesn’t want Thriller to start as an earworm every time she hears you leave your office


  • Dear Reader:

Your second letter of this bunch. See how much I love you?

Love (see there it is again!),


Random Thoughts Thursday is published on… anyone…. anyone… Thursdays! It features whatever thoughts are running through my wee brain. On the third Thursday of each month, there’s a super special Brief Epistles edition. Letters! Of a random variety! Click here for more Random Thoughts Thursday entries (or click here for previous Brief Epistles editions).

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday: September Brief Epistles

  1. Ally Bean says:

    I have a cousin who grew up in FL, but married and moved to NJ where her husband was from. Suddenly she started saying “fuggeddaboutit” and I always wondered what kind of family she actually married into!


    1. Tara says:

      She’s been indoctrinated! AGH!


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