#WeekendCoffeeShare: This Is Only A Drill

If we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), I would tell you this is only a drill. I REPEAT: THIS IS ONLY A DRILL. I don’t remember why, but I scheduled myself off this Monday, so I have a three-day weekend. That makes this weekend a drill because in a few weeks I have a full week off. Apparently, my mini-vacay is practice for the real deal. I’m really working hard at this.

Let’s chat.

I suppose I don’t have to practice being off from adulting, but if one offers me days in which to do so, I’m going to take them. I never understand why people don’t take their vacation days. Work to live has been my motto for.ev.er. Of course, for an introvert like me, that means working to be able to stay home and do whatever I want, usually around the house, usually whilst wearing pajamas. Maybe one of these days I’ll take the PJ-wearing outside, like college kids, or a neighbor nearby who mows her lawn wearing a PJs shorts set. Fashion guru Tim Gunn said on Bill Maher’s Real Time Friday night that Americans have gotten slovenly and wear PJs and sweats out and about all the time now. Did I start a trend and didn’t know because I’m usually in the house? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?

Treat of the week: A cake I’m baking tomorrow afternoon, so as to have a tasty treat whilst watching the Emmy Awards. Peeps from my favorite show (and one of, like, only two shows I watch) — This Is Us — are nominated. I hope they win.

This week’s fun: The final countdown on my #365Project in Instagram. Saturday is day 360. Only five more to go. Check out my almost-done year here.

This week’s challenge: Something bit my hand near my wrist. I scratched it in my sleep to the point that I had to put Neosporin on it and watch it heal alllllll week.

This week’s Bloggy Goodness: None, but that was kind of planned. Me getting back into the swing of things after a tech break is kind of like an older car trying to start on a cold winter morning… …. a rrrr-rrr-rrr-rrr… a rrr-rrr-rrr-rrr…. (well, how would YOU spell it?). I’m sure I’ll turn over any day now and get back into the bloggy swing of things.

I’m mulling a few writing things in my head now, so technically, as we writers know, that means I’m writing. One of the things I’m mulling, that may become a post or something else, is how to introvert properly when I also want to participate and connect. My introversion and my personality type (#INFJ) make me a walking conundrum — I love being alone the most, but I also want connection, but real connection. This new year means a time to join new things (perhaps) that are starting new years/seasons. The want is there… will I take the leap(s)? Stay tuned.

Speaking of leaping… nah, too much effort with the renewed humidity. Summer’s making a final stand (I hope it’s a final one). I think I’ll — surprise! — take it easy. Perhaps I will go out though, after changing from PJs to real clothes, to shop at Staples for school supplies and to get new sunglasses at the dollar store. Hmmm. Perhaps some Chinese food… …. What a fun way to start my vacay drill weekend!

Until next week… wishing you good fortune… and Peace.

Thanks for reading my #WeekendCoffeeShare post. Tell me what you’ve been up to — leave a comment so I can share a cuppa something with you! There’s no linkup this week, apparently. Sad face. But usually, you can join in the linkup at Part-TimeMonsterBlog.com. You can also see me and others on the Twitter at #WeekendCoffeeShare.

6 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: This Is Only A Drill

  1. Kathleen Howell

    “How to introvert properly when I also want to participate and connect…” I couldn’t describe myself better! Yay for a 3-day weekend! I’m off the last week of September, this coming work week will be the longest (and maybe shortest – so much left to do.. Enjoy your time off!


    1. One of my people! At least we’re not alone… not together, but not alone. 🙂 The last week before vacation is always the longest week. Hang in there! I’ll do my best to make it go fast, from Tuesday on at least. Don’t want to make my day off Monday fly by too quickly. 🙂


  2. I loved This Is Us and am hoping it gets the proper Emmy attention that it deserves.

    I’m an INFP [who sometimes goes all T on things]. I, too, wonder about how it is that I’m at my best when I’m alone, but still want some connection with other people, if they’re the right people. Small talk and shallow behaviors make me cranky, so silly extroverts sap my energy. Thus, I avoid them, but find them everywhere.


    1. Another of my peoples! For two reasons! Yes, This Is Us — and I can’t wait until it comes back Sept. 26. And small talk drives me nuts. Those silly extroverts *are* exhausting, and yes, they are everywhere. Maybe there are more like us, but the extroverts are sooooooo talky and showy and HI! I’M EXTROVERTING!


  3. I really like This is Us too. Need to finish watching before my month of Hulu ends. What fabulous planing to bake a cake for the award ceremony. My nightgown wardrobe is almost as big as my street clothing because I like to wear them all evening and morning around the house. Makes perfect sense to me..but the PJ’s at the store do not turn me on at all.


    1. Thanks, Pamela! There’s nothing better than eating cake in my PJs watching all glammed up people at an awards show. 🙂 Comfy clothes are the best. I don’t think I’ll ever wear them in public, though. I’m with ya on that.


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