#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cat and Muse

WCS Tea BagIf we were having coffee (and my tasty black iced tea), you’d ask where I was on Saturday. I know, I’m usually here then, but I decided to stay offline most of the day. A nice respite. Also, you’d ask why I’m limping. My Martika-Travis Tritt-Britney Spears, et al, solo dance party got a little out of hand. Twas fun, though — totally worth the slight hammie.

Let’s chat.

Week in General: The cat’s away and, while I didn’t have any work days where I could do nothing (stuff still happened, though not as fast-paced, and I had projects to work on), the cat’s absence (and the week’s overall slower speed) apparently left me recharged. Muse has visited several times. She’s calmly and politely asking me how we can keep her around once the cat gets back. I’m looking into ways to stay as even more zen as I’ve been this week…

Oh, and there was that moment of satisfaction, when I finally captured the solitary chin hair that mocks me mercilessly as I try to catch it. Well, I got it. Felt like I was pulling my jaw bone out with it (what are those tiny little annoying hairs made of, steel?).

Treat of the week: Klondike bars, Oreo flavor. Just enough chocolate and cookie combination. A teeny square of deliciousness.

This week’s fun: Creativity and many thoughts from Muse. Also, my Instagram #365Project, now in its final stretch (only about 40 days to go).

This week’s challenge: Allergies and finding the box of tissues in the car (it slides from one side to the other in the back) for endless sneezes.

This week’s Bloggy Goodness:

Now, I shall commence reading the book I started yesterday. Perhaps I’ll even read another! The cleaning project I started Saturday, the laundry, and anything else resembling work or a chore will wait until the work week. Time to lounge and laze. And recuperate my hamstring. There’s another solo dance party already planned for next weekend.

Until next time… Peace.

Thanks for reading my #WeekendCoffeeShare post. Tell me what you’ve been up to — leave a comment so I can share a cuppa something with you! Join in the linkup, too, back where it started, at Part-TimeMonsterBlog.com. You can also see me and others on the Twitter at #WeekendCoffeeShare.

7 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Cat and Muse

  1. I have a tiny foot/ankle dance injury of the self same nature ..solo dance is part of my fitbit 10,000 step routine. I had to take a few days off of the obsessive 10,000 to heal the painful thing…it is working and I like being less obsessed too. Thanks for coffee!


  2. what were you attempting to pull out the hair with, a steel grade pliers?? *ouch*
    next time record the dance party you might become famous on the interweb world wide lol


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